My first carry gun.

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Thread: My first carry gun.

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    My first carry gun.

    Hey, so I'm new to the forum. I was just hoping to get some input from those more experienced than myself.

    I turned 21 towards the beginning of this year and bought my first handgun right around that time. I found a Taurus PT-1911 at a good price. While this is my first handgun, I've had plenty of experience shooting others so I wasn't concerned with it being a high caliber. I bought it and can say after about 1000 rounds through it that I love the gun.

    I also took my cwp class around that time and have since received my carry permit. Again, I love my PT-1911, but it's a full size gun and isn't ideal for me to carry concealed (I'm kind of a skinny guy). So now I'm looking to buy a new gun. Something a bit smaller that I can hide a bit easier. I've narrowed it down a bit but I'm having trouble making a decision.

    First of all, I'm looking for a 9mm. Mainly because ammo is cheap and almost always available in my area. I want a gun that will work well for concealed carry, but I want one that is also gonna be a lot of fun at the range. I'm on a budget so I'm really looking for something in the $300-500 range.

    With that being said, I've been considering buying a Springfield XD subcompact, Smith & Wesson shield, Bersa thunder 9 ultra compact, Taurus PT-911, or maybe a CZ Rami if I can find one at a really good price.

    My dilemma is with the Taurus. As I said previously, I love my PT-1911. I also really like the feel and the design of the 92FS. The PT-911 caught my eye because it was similar to the 92FS, but smaller. My problem is that I've never handled one. The price is right, but I'm not sure how I'll like it. I don't know anyone that has one and my local gun store doesn't have them either.

    I've read that the PT-911 was discontinued, so they aren't being produced anymore. That's most of the reason I can't make a choice at the moment. I want to get one, but I don't know how it handles or conceals. I don't want to pass on it and not have the option to buy one later. I don't mind waiting a while longer to buy one of the other ones if I were to go with the Taurus, but if the PT-911 isn't worth it I would rather go ahead and get one of the other choices.

    Also, I've shot the XD subcompact, the shield and the Bersa. I really like all three. I've also shot a Taurus 92 and like it as well.

    Is the PT-911 a solid choice for concealed carry? Can anyone compare it to one of the other guns mentioned or tell me about their experience with one? I'm also open to other options if you think something else might be a better fit for me.

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me some info that may help me decide.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Being a sorta skinny guy I would say go with a single stack of some kind, shield, xds, nano, etc. I tried starting with a m&p 45c (about glock 19 size) and it was way too big for my body. I ended up with a slim single stack 9mm and I still have to watch and be careful or it will show. That said I have no experience with the Taurus you mention, but if it is thick I would go with one of the single stacks that you mentioned.

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    Don't know about the 911, but the others you mentioned are nice guns. IMHO, you would be fine with either of them( xd, shield or bersa. Good luck. Be Safe.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Of the guns you mentioned,I am only familiar with the Bersa and the CZ. You are very unlikely to find a CZ Rami in your price range, since the sug retail is a little over $600. The Bersa would, in my opinion, be a good choice since they are reliable and generally well thought of. In addition, while they have a sug retail of $540, they seem to be available, new, for about $450 .

    Good luck in your search. My preference would be for a Walther P99AS, but it it looks to be just out of your budget range.

    Most of the guns you mentioned can probably be found in your price range if you are able to consider used guns.
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    It's kind of tough, to find a firearm that can be concealed easily, yet is fun and accurate at the range. I really feel that you need to experience more types of firearms before you make a choice. You also have to take into account, how you dress, and what type holster you will be using, and how you will be carrying. I carry a Kahr MK9. It's heavy for a carry firearm, but I love the Kahr triggers, and more weight is less recoil, equals better accuracy. If I were to purchase another carry firearm, it would probably be a Kahr CM9. Excellent DA trigger, in the $300 price range. If your into a different type trigger, Springfield, S & W, Glock, Ruger, Sig, they're all good just have to decide what type of trigger you like and can shoot with effectively. I practice with my MK, but that's from 7-10 yd. range, and occasionally 25 yds. I just watched a video of the owner of Kahr hitting the target at 100 yds. with one of the 9mm models. I use a Beretta 96 inox .40 cal., and a Sig P220 .45 cal. for range time. This is just my opinion, personally, I would not own any Taurus.............and I wouldn't let my wife own one either. Just a matter of personal preference and experience with the company. I have been shooting off and on for 35+yrs. and don't know everything, but it's very important to take all of these things into account, when shopping for a CCW firearm. It will save you time and money. If you take a bit of time, you will end up with a firearm that you like, along with a carry method that you like. Don't be afraid to ask around to other carry people and see what they do. I am fortunate that I took my time and own pretty much each type of firearm that suits me. Haven't had to try to sell one, because I didn't like it. I don't have a closet full of holsters. I have for front pocket carry, and one for IWB carry. Check out as many firearms, and holsters that you can, and seek advice from those around you that have carry and shooting experience.
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    I'm a pretty small guy myself, my favorite carry gun is my j frame smith&Wesson. My second favorite is my Shield in .40. Those would be my suggestion for compact ccw
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    With your parameters in mind, my first thoughts on other options would be:

    Ruger SR9c - ~$400
    Smith and Wesson M&P 9C - ~$450
    Glock 26 - ~$500

    (You'll probably have to look around a little to find those prices, but they're doable.)

    These are similar in size to an XD subcompact or RAMI. Like those guns, they are a bit thicker and heavier than guns like the Shield or XDS. In exchange for that, you get 10 rounds or more in flush magazines, the ability to use extended magazines and grip adapters for range and HD use, and generally more robust construction. These are all basically the same guns as the larger guns in their lines (SR9, M&P 9, Glock 19) but with some length and height taken off for easier CC. By contrast, the smaller guns like the Shield and XDS are designed as smaller guns, and sometimes suffer for it.
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