Range report Bursa model 86, .380

Range report Bursa model 86, .380

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Thread: Range report Bursa model 86, .380

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    Range report Bursa model 86, .380

    Range report Bursa model 86, .380
    I know this is kind of strange to do a range report on this handgun. I bit of history on it, a friends father bought it years ago to resale but the deal fell through and it just sat around in a gun safe ever since, it had never been fired. Bersa stopped making this model in 1994, it is a simple blowback design with a 13 round magazine of .380. Something I found very odd about it but those of you with a broader experience with handguns probably don’t is that there is no guide rod for the recoil spring. The recoil spring wraps around the barrel. The reason I bought it is that I have heard nothing but good about the Bersa Thunders and the price was right.

    Now for the meat of the matter, the good points of this weapon are that it has a natural point of aim and it feels very comfortable in my hand. It is also fairly accurate with a good grouping for something that will concisely easily. It is easy to handle and you can double tap quickly. That is all of the good things about this weapon. It came standard with two thirteen round magazines. I only put 52 rounds through it or two loads through each magazine. I stopped after 52 rounds because I had five failure to load (FTL) and one failure to fire (FTF) with the first magazine. I then had two FTL with the second magazine. The FTF round did fire with the other magazine. I reloaded and tried it again with much the same results. I gave up after 4 magazine loads.

    Conclusions: While it is an enjoyable gun and possibly a stiffer recoil spring or different magazines would greatly improve this weapon, if you ever find yourself in a position to buy a model 86 save yourself some aggravation and run screaming from the gun store.

    I spent the rest of the time putting another 200 rounds through my XD .40 sub compact. No FTFs and I am more satisfied with it each time I fire it. Which is saying something because I have become a real fan of the XDs.
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    I am just recently getting back into guns after being down for the last 10 years due to illness. A lot has changed in 10 years, one of those being the Bersa line of firearms. 10 years ago the Bersa line was kind of a joke like the lorcin and hi-point guns. Needless to say I was shocked when I read all the praises about the Thunder series of guns. It sounds like you got one of the Bersa's I was familiar with, sorry to hear that. Maybe a competent gunsmith can help you out.
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    Just had one in the shop to have work done due to cycle problems. Needed some internal polishing work and a Walther (PP?-PPK?) recoil spring. It was fixed eventually, that was the good news. The bad news was the owner found exactly one spare magazine for sale and paid around $50 for it. Add about a $30 gunsmith bill and decide if it's worth it. It was a good solid pistol and after all was done, easily the equal of the Beretta 84 accuracy wise.

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    That sucks, sorry to hear. I just bought a Bersa Thunder .380 NIB yesterday, and put about 75 rounds downrange with nary a bobble. On top of that, I was a little scared how damn accurate it was. I hate admitting this, but my group was tighter with that then my G17.
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