FNP-40?? Anyone actually held one of these?

FNP-40?? Anyone actually held one of these?

This is a discussion on FNP-40?? Anyone actually held one of these? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So there I am thumbing through an issue of Guns & Ammo and I come across an ad for FNH USA. They are advertising their ...

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Thread: FNP-40?? Anyone actually held one of these?

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    FNP-40?? Anyone actually held one of these?

    So there I am thumbing through an issue of Guns & Ammo and I come across an ad for FNH USA. They are advertising their FNP hand gun. Shown are 3 guns, 2 9mm, one is a compact and one their version of full size, and a .40 cal.
    Now, they are not bad looking guns. The grips look pretty ergonomic and the ad says they come with the oh so popular of late interchangeable back straps. And with a decocking liver.
    Oh, and they come with 3 magazines. That is interesting.

    Not a bad looking gun and the .40 cal model holds 14 rounds in the mag. So, I ask myself, "Self" I say, "why have I not heard anything about these guns before now?"
    I didn't have an answer so I thought I would ask you guys.

    Anyone held one or shot one? Are they brand new? Are they a well kept secret or what?
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    I ran across the FNP-40 at a recent gunshow and, you're right, they're pretty good looking! It felt pretty nice in my hand, IIRC, but that's about as much as I know. I'd be interested to hear anyone's experiences with them, too.

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    Fnp 40

    I had a browning pro 40 that is made by FN for Browning and it was a very nice gun.I wish I still had it so much so that I order a FNP 40 that is coming today.If you get on get the FN it comes with 3 mags and is $80 to $100 less then the PRO 40. Anyway this is my 1st post here so I wanted to say Hello all.

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    My Buddy has a FNP 40 and Ive shot it. Its a nice gun shoots and handles very well. I dont know much about the history of FNH but I thought they have been around for a while (I could be wrong) Ive seent them at gun shows as well this model your talkin about is not new however they do have a new model I beleive its FNP 9P or something like that, its the compact version of these guns... Overall for the money I think they're good buys. I still like my SIG tho!! haha

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    I like FN. They make good stuff, including a whole bunch of US military firearms; everything from the M16 to SAWs. I've held the FNP and I like it. Something about having an external hammer makes me think of a USP when I hold it (except it's less blocky).

    Recently they've added a "compact" model (not as small as a G26 or XDSC, but smaller than a regular FNP) and a beefed-up FNP45 that has an extended grip to hold plenty of 45 ACP. I like the gun, and think it's a great combination of quality and price. If I didn't already have an XD to fill this niche, I would be considering an FNP-9 or 40.

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    I have one. I didn't do much research into it when I first got it and bought it kind of impusively. I went in to buy a 40 and after looking at a bunch decided it was pretty nice. Not too many people have talked about them but mine has been flawless. The 3 mags are nice too as well as the backstraps.
    The only thing I didnt like all that much was the plastic grip so I put one of the hogue slipon grips on it and that made a huge difference in my shooting.
    It is the gun I usually take camping with me. Pretty lightweight and I trust it immensely.
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    My young bride has the FNP-9 in DA/SA. It's a good, reliable weapon, and she shoots it very well. Two things especially made a difference to her, 1) it's easily configurable for a left-hander, and 2) the interchangeable back-straps helped fit it to her hand. At the time we bought it, was an especially good value.
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    Pretty good gun

    I have held one of these in the gunstore, and read a couple of reviews of it, but never fired one. They appear to be a pretty good gun from a very well respected manufacturer. The gun bears some resemblance to the more modern polymer frame service guns like the H&K P2000 or the new Beretta Storm, with high capacity magazine and good ergonomics. The price seems quite competitive, also.

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    I recently acquired an FNP40. FN is the company that made the original Browning HiPower. They make extremely good firearms. The FNP40, as stated, has a mag capacity of 14 rounds, comes with three mags, and has interchangeable backstraps for the grip.

    I have only had one range session so far. Here's what I found. It is a conventional DA/SA. Trigger pull is 4.5 lbs SA. I don't recall the DA figure, but it is under 10 lbs. I think it's about 8.5. Anyway, the trigger was quite smooth for a new gun. I'm not prone to get real technical about travel and reset, but I didn't get any negative impressions from the trigger. I'm very satisfied with it.

    Accuracy and handling was very good. It feels good in my hand and points well. I fired 250 rounds with only one issue. It did not take Fiocchi ammo well. However, I knew something was wrong with the Fiocchi when I loaded the mags. The rounds went in hard, like the diameter was too large. When I used S&B, American Eagle, and some Blazer, I had no trouble at all. (I subsequently used the Fiocchi in my H&K with no problem.) Other than that, the gun performed flawlessly. I'm very pleased with the purchase. Some have commented about the decocker sticking out too far and the weak hand thumb hitting it. That could happen I guess. I didn't have a problem with it.

    Take a look at one. It's worth your consideration.

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