Help finding a compact carry gun

Help finding a compact carry gun

This is a discussion on Help finding a compact carry gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; An adivce for a person looking for a good compact (easy to hid) carry gun. I would like an semi-auto DAO in 9mm. Under $350-400!?! ...

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Thread: Help finding a compact carry gun

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    Help finding a compact carry gun

    An adivce for a person looking for a good compact (easy to hid) carry gun. I would like an semi-auto DAO in 9mm. Under $350-400!?! Yes, I know that PUTS A BIG LIMIT on it!! Used is fine (really do not want to go the auctioin route) suggestions of what might fall in the price new and used. Thanks

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    In the price range ( maby stretching it a bit but not much ) I would reccoment either a taurus melinium series , or a Kahr cw series . If you can deal with the trigger the Kel-tec p11 is right there too . I cant and wont recomend the skyy due to the actions of one of thier vp's early on , i have no idea how good or bad thier pistols are , but anyone who allows that idiot to represent them dont need my money . Good luck on your search and i am shure others will chime in with other ideas too .
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    Gun store by me right now has KAHR Cw-9s are about $370. Some people don't like them because of problems with the earlier models, but I have a S&W Sigma 9VE that I like, same shop has them for $300. I have heard good things about the Taurus Pt's too. Might be able to find a good deal on a XD for a little over 400, those are a little big, but lots of people on here conceal em. See if there is a store around you that has police trade in Glocks.
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    Kahr, used, does it for me. Not traditional DAO, but 'safe action' striker fired.

    I got a P9 with only maybe 20 rounds through it for $375.

    I dont know my smiths too well but there is a 3913 , DA, but I think thre's a complimentary model that is DAO.

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    Beretta 9000s 9mm Type G. A little hard to find (the DA/SA Type F is easy), but should be around $300. Grip is a little thick (double stack 12 round mag) and pull is a little long, but I carry the Type F every day.

    Personally, I don't care for Kel Tec, except their little 380 due to its incredibly small size.

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    look at cz 75 compact,or semicompact. cz make's good hand gun's. they shoot anything you can put in'em

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    save up an extra $100 and get you a springfield XD sub-compact. You be happy you did and it is worth the extra money
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    Based on your requirements - S&W 3953. DAO in a nice, small, light weight, good looking package. 8+1 capacity. They can be found from $325 to $475, depending on condition. Regards 18DAI.

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    My choice for that is my Kel-tec P11. Another good choice would be a S&W CS9 or 40 or 45, XD compact but there are lots of good carry guns that would meet your needs.

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    KAHR, but spend just a little more and get a Glock 26.

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    In your price range the KT P-11 or the thinner, lighter PF-9. Perhaps a used Kahr. OR the real sleeper, if the weight doesn't put you off-------the Makrov. Those little guns shoot much better than they should!!!!!!!!!!

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    +1 Kahr CW9, but personally, I would save a little more and get an Springfield XD9SC (although it isn't DAO as you spec'ed out).

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