Hello everyone, I just purchased a used S&W 1911-'gunsite'. It works well with 'colt' and 'wilson' 7 rd. mags..
The pistol did not funtion well with 'no name' springfield mags or with 'Wollf' mags.
With the 'Wollf' mags, when the last round was fired the mag follower would slip over the slide stop and resulted in the slide not locking back and then it resulted in me having to 'rip' the mag from the mag well. This happened with all 4 of my Wollf mags.
The "Wollf' mags have worked well with my 'Colts' and my "G.I." Springfield.
I was told that I should use 'only Novak mags' with the S&W gunsite 1911.
I feel that I would rather use a different 'slide stop' that would enable me to use all of my mags than be forced to use just one brand of magazine.
Any input from S&W 1911 owner's or gunsmiths would be very helpful.
I bought the S&W because (outside of the extractor) its the closest thing to a Lt. Wt. Commander (old school) that I could purchase.