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Ruger P345

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Thread: Ruger P345

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    Question Ruger P345

    Anybody have any experience with this gun???

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    Not to hijack your thread but.....

    I don't want to hijack your thread but I was wondering about this pistol also and I figured that I would just post under you as to not take up two spots on the forum with very similar posts. My specific questions are:

    I am a good sized guy and I can conceal a full size 1911 so the concealability would really be more about comfort.

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    I have one that I purchased from a fellow forum member; I haven't shot the gun too much, but here are my observations.....the trigger pull on my sample is fairly long with some hesistation before the sear trips, discharging the gun. It also has had some FTFs with 230 grain FMJ. As such, the gun is going back to Ruger for a look-see.

    That said, it has light recoil, easy to control and is a joy to handle given its slim grips.
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    I bought mine a while back.

    I had some failures to feed when it was new. That seems to have stopped once it was broken in. The REAL problem I had was the magazine disconnect. It was occasionally giving me failures to fire. (Primers were not touched.) I removed the mag disconnect - no more problem.

    Mine is very accurate although it shoots a tiny bit high. I had Ruger send me another rear sight but it is the same. AFAIK, there are no adjustable sights available for it. (If anyone knows where I can find some let me know!)

    I also changed out the hammer spring to a 20 lb spring (some people go even lighter) and that helped the strong DA pull somewhat.

    It is not a small gun but my wife says it conceals better OWB than my much smaller PT-111. I think the reason for that is simply a better holster. It is slim though and conceals well for a pistol of this size. I use a Galco Cop 3-slot holster.

    The 345 feels better in my hand than anything else I could find in a DA .45. It doesn't seem quite as refined and smooth as my Beretta 92 but then it was not much more than half the price of the Beretta.


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    I own a 345 and it is very reliable. I carry it using a Blade-Tech IWB holster and hardly know it is there except after a few hours it is hard to keep my britches up. It shoots accurately and I use it for IDPA shoots. I only have 2 things that are important to say about it. Read the manual. If you odn't read the manual, do not dry fire the gun without a magazine in it. Great gun!



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    I bought one of the 345's when they first came out. I liked the gun is light, mine shot to POA and it is as thin as a 1911. I wound up trading mine in to help finance a Ruger single action project gun that I am building, but I liked the 345 alot while I had it!


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    I don't know about the P345 but I believe Ruger in general is a great gun. I had the P94 in .40 caliber SS and it was a great shooter. Never had any problems with it.
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    I've had my P345 for about 6 months. I absolutely love everything about it. Very low recoil. Very accurate (assuming YOU are accurate). Reliable... I have about 5,000 rounds through mine without incident. I'd highly recommend it as an economical full size .45.
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    Have to agree with whats been said it is my main carry weapon and i love it!

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    Very interested in carrying this - it seems to be a nice little .45 I generally don't like automatics - I've always liked revolvers (and the borrowed auto .45 jammed FIVE times during CCW qualification - never shoot a borrowed gun again.) Qualification in NM is at THREE YARDS so I wasn't too upset.

    Anyhow - I'll probably get as a little backup carry when the SP101 is in the shop or something.

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    I also carry the P345. I bought it when they first came out and had some minor problems with it but Ruger fixed them right away and I've heard that the newer ones don't have any problems.

    It's very easy to conceal and fun to shoot. Others at the range really like the feel of it and the way it contours to the hand.

    Try one out if you can and see if you like it. I bet you will.

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    I have a 345 and love it. very accurate and solid. i'm curious though how everyone else is carying theirs? IWB? whats the best way to CC this beast?

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