10 Round Mags for G30

10 Round Mags for G30

This is a discussion on 10 Round Mags for G30 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had a hard time getting the tenth round into the stock ten round mag. With ten rounds in the mag it will not seat ...

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Thread: 10 Round Mags for G30

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    10 Round Mags for G30

    I had a hard time getting the tenth round into the stock ten round mag. With ten rounds in the mag it will not seat all the way into the magazine well. I bought a couple of high cap 13 round mags and they receive all 13 rounds with no problems and seat all the way into the magazine well with ease.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    9+1 is definately sufficient firepower especially since I carry a spare high cap mag. But it just bothers me that the mag is supposed to accept ten rounds and I can only load the mag into the firearm when it has 9 rounds.
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    When I first got my G30 I had the same problem. Load the magazines (it takes some work) and let them sit for a couple of days and it'll get easier. After about a month I was able to fully load mine by hand without using the tool.
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    If the floor plate on the magazine has not popped off your not pushing to hard.
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    See question about 10th round about half-way down page.


    How do I get the 10th round into the magazine?
    This is a common problem with brand new magazines. Fill the mags up (9 or 10) rounds and let them stay full for a week or so. If the problem still persists there are a couple of things you can do. First check the witness holes to make sure two of the rounds didn't get single-stacked. Then perform the "Austrian Stomp": slap the bottom of the magazine against your palm, thigh or table. This will settle the 9 rounds close enough together to allow you to squeeze the 10th little guy in.

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    I put ~1200 rounds through my G30 in 2 months and could NEVER get the 10th round in the magazines.

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    Some folks have reported the legs of the new followers were made a little longer and may prevent the 10th round from ever going in.

    I would leave the magazine loaded with nine rounds for a week or so and try loading/unloading the mag(or shooting and reloading) and if the 10th round still does not go, I would look at sanding the follower legs a hair shorter..

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    I was having the same problem with 10, and 9 round mags. I filed down the back leg of the follower, problem solved.

    I can now load a full mag in the gun with the slide in battery. With out having to slam it home.

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