new carry piece !!!

new carry piece !!!

This is a discussion on new carry piece !!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I off 'ed a .22 pistol that I just wasn't "thrilled" with, and traded for a Smith 5906 with tritium nite sights. Yep, I never ...

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Thread: new carry piece !!!

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    new carry piece !!!

    I off 'ed a .22 pistol that I just wasn't "thrilled" with, and traded for a Smith 5906 with tritium nite sights. Yep, I never thought I would try a 9mm, but what the heck. The gun is a miniature pistol of my old Smith 1066 10mm that I had, but this just feels so right. I hear they are very accurate arms. It holds 15 in the mag, plus one in the pipe makes 16. Oh Joy !!!
    I also talked them out of a box of ammo. We'll see if Sundays' weather will be good so I can fire it.
    I'm a happy camper !!!
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    Great! Kudo's on the free ammo. Let us know how it shoots, and show some pics.
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    sounds like an awesome deal. hope to see some pics of it on here. be sure to let us know how it shoots.

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    You've got a REALLY NICE PIECE there!! I've had a couple of em, and they shoot and shoot and shoot!! I'd never feel undergunned with one of those.. They kinda bring me back to the "Starsky and Hutch days" when Paul Michael Glaser <Starsky> carried a S&W model 59...........That's one reason why O ran out and bought one, cuz they <the Mod 59/659/5906> looked so cool..
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    Enjoy your "Wonder 9"!

    I have, like and carry the little brother 6946 which has 12+1

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    Welcome to the 9mm club Art

    Is that the version which will take other barrels? Just wondering. One version would take a 9x21 barrel IIRC.

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    Great pistol! I have a 5904 that I will never part with. It has been very reliable with everything I've put through it and quite accurate. A LEO friend in FLA had his smith smooth the action just a tad and it is a pleasure to shoot. You will enjoy that S&W for many years. I bought mine NIB about 17-18 years ago I guess w/o looking at the sales receipt. Enjoy!


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    Arthur, good to see you are joining the club. I remember that the first 9mm you ever fired was my SIG P239. I think you fired the S&W 439 as well. I'm sure you will like the 5906. I still don't do as well with double stacks as with single, but the more rounded grips are not too bad.

    The 1066 continues to be one of my favorite pistols. I even have an Eric Larsen holster on order for it. I let the police chief and his twin brother shoot it a month or so ago and both of them wanted it. I told them that maybe there are some out there, but mine is not for sale. I'll have to do some searching in the spring to see if I can find them some.

    I hope the weather cooperates so that you can shoot the new toy.

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    congrats wheres the pics

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    Enjoy, you got a great weapon IMHO.

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    Sweet. Those Smiths have been talking to me of late.....particularly the 1006.
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