I traded for......my first CZ!!

I traded for......my first CZ!!

This is a discussion on I traded for......my first CZ!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am sure some of you thought I had absolutely lost my mind since I turned down so many great offers to sell or trade ...

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Thread: I traded for......my first CZ!!

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    Thumbs up I traded for......my first CZ!!

    I am sure some of you thought I had absolutely lost my mind since I turned down so many great offers to sell or trade my Smith 65-5. I simply wanted something different, but new what I didn't want. I was offered a LNIB CZ75BD Police and after seeing the gun, knew it was exactily what I wanted. I have never owned a CZ but my son has the compact version of the CZ75BD. I really like his gun but I simply love mine. It has a great SA trigger and the DA trigger is not too bad either especially for an old revolver guy like me. It is a beautiful gun and the ergonomics of the grip are just something else. It really fits my hand great. The weather here in Texas for the last two weeks has been horrible and certainly no way to get to the outdoor range I shoot at, but I got a break Thursday when I had to travel to Corpus Christi on business. I went by a gunstore there that had an indoor range and found out what the gun is really capable of. Mag #1 yeilded 4 1/2" grouping and gave me the chance to really get used to the trigger. Mag #2 gave me a nice 3 1/2" group with most shots in clusters of 1 1/2"-2". Mag #3 told the tale....17 rounds in 2"-2 1/2", tightly groupedin two ragged holes. The first three rounds from the gun in the #3 mag were less than 3/4". WOW what a shooter this gun is, and all tests were performed at 15yards, freehand. My next outing will give me a chance to find out what it will do at 25yards. I will be changing the sights on this gun though. They are three white dot's, but very small and hard for my aging eyes to pick up. Today I stripped and cleaned the gun, mainly to get a better look at the details of the mechanics. The gun is very well made, which is good since I plan to shoot the heck out of it. I traded for this gun to be a range/fun gun. It can also be a home protection gun as soon as I find out how it does with 147gr. hollowpoints I keep around the house. It will probably never be carried concealed. Here it is:

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    Nice trade me thinks....great, underrated gun.

    Welcome in joining the CZ-75 Owners Club!
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    I am a big fan of the CZ's and will eventually get one for myself. I'd love to have a Bren-Ten which is based on the CZ format.

    Congratulations on a fine purchase.....
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    Love the ergos of the CZ design! I don't currently own a CZ, but have the tanfglio clone in 9mm/.40/10mm/.45. A lot of gun for the money------------hell, a lot of gun at twice the price!! Enjoy!!

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    What an amazing coincidence! I recently traded for a S&W 65-5 3" and traded a CZ75 BD Police!

    Thanks for a very smooth and satisfying trade.

    The 65 is accurate and a pleasure to shoot. It's on my hip, now, in the Tucker IWB holster.


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    The CZ 75 series, including the SP01, P01 and D PCR are one of the most underrated pistols on the market. They've done most everything right. Great shooters. I've got a P01, myself. Enjoy!
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    You'll love it.

    I can't help but agree they are very underrated guns. One of the only reasons I looked at getting one is the warehouse is in my area. After I bought a CZ75 Stainless I've found, it's as accurate as guns twice as much, I think.
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    Congrats on the CZ ...

    I own two and they are the only 9mm's that I own. A CZ 75B and a CZ 75B Compact.

    If the CZ 75 was good enough for Jeff Cooper it is surely good enough for me.
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    If you feel it was a GREAT trade...I really don't know CZ's. It reminds me of the Beretta's line...

    Give us a report on how it performs...

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    excellent choice! I've been carrying CZ 75 compacts for a long time and have nothing but praise for them.

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    CZ fan #1 here. The 75BD POLICE should serve you well.

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    i have shot many cz's, but i don't own any, but one day i will. they make a good gun. i am looking for that deal!!!!
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    very nice i shot one for the first time yesterday and was very impressed

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