Need Help PLEASE!!

Need Help PLEASE!!

This is a discussion on Need Help PLEASE!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I need you guys' help. I am wanting to buy a gun for concealed carry. Sounds easy enough. But, I also want to be able ...

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Thread: Need Help PLEASE!!

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    Need Help PLEASE!!

    I need you guys' help. I am wanting to buy a gun for concealed carry. Sounds easy enough. But, I also want to be able to shoot this gun at the range comfortably. I don't want a really small gun. I think that I can conceal a medium size gun easily. Nothing the size of a full size 1911. I will be shooting this gun more than I will be carrying it, as I live in The Peoples Republic of IL. Just once in a while when I cross into ANY other state. Let me know.


    I forgot to say that my price range is somewhat limited at $400-475. I know that that is limited, but that's what I got.
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    I like to keep things simple, so here's what I carry

    Glock 19 with NY1 Trigger
    Kahr PM9
    S&W 442
    S&W 22 Thunder Ranch Model
    S&W 686 with a 5" barrel

    Of the requirements you listed I would look at the Glock 19/23 or a Glock 30 if it fits your hand and you must have a .45 acp. The other option would be the new Kahr 45.

    Personally I would go for an L or N Frame revolver backed up by a J-Frame. When you can conceal the L-N Frame no worries, when you can't the J-Frame will get 'er done.


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    Man, there are so many choices out there. I personally like the XD's by springfield. They're luxury glocks in my opinion. The subcompacts are really nice, .40 or 9mm, and if you get the pearce grip extension for the mag it's even better. Then again there's the new XD 45 compact. It's between a full service model and the sub-compact, nice for CC.

    There are also many others that are popular including Kahr and Sig Sauer. They make pretty good compacts for concealed carry.

    My favorite that I have is the springfield EMP. It's extremely light, chambered in 9mm (so it's fun to shoot), and small (but not too small). The grip is longer than most compacts to accomodate larger hands. But it's a little on the expensive size. Lucky to find one under $1,000.

    I personally think if you go and rent an XD you'll fall in love. Then go shoot a glock and feel the difference.
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    I agree with most everyone else here ... I would be looking at Glocks and/or XDs. But it will probably set you back closer to $500 than $400. Just remember that what ever you buy you may one day be betting your life on ... with that in mind, buy quality even if you have to wait a month or two.

    Jusy my .02
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