How many clean their gun after each use?

How many clean their gun after each use?

This is a discussion on How many clean their gun after each use? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm wondering how many people clean their gun after each and every firing session. I'm obsessive about it and could'nt stand not to clean it ...

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Thread: How many clean their gun after each use?

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    How many clean their gun after each use?

    I'm wondering how many people clean their gun after each and every firing session. I'm obsessive about it and could'nt stand not to clean it immediatly afterwords ,then carry it around dirty.

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    I always get to it that week.

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    I always clean it after being fire. Weapons cost money and taking care of them is important to me. You never know it might save your life or a love one life. The AR'S in Nam in 1967 show me how important it was to clean.

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    Where I work, they provide the shooting range, targets, ammo, cleaning equipment, & instruction if needed. Shame on me if I don't clean my weapons after each use.
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    I don't. I average right at 200 rounds every week and I don't clean my gun after every use. I have yet to see a problem of any kind, and at the moment I have 1220 rounds through my M&P without cleaning it, although that's by far the longest I've ever taken a gun without cleaning it.

    At Blackwater, we shot 500+ rounds a day for five days, and there no probems as a result. I cleaned my Beretta 92FS at the end of each day, but if I had missed a day, it wouldn't have concerned me at all.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't clean your gun regularly, but good quality guns aren't designed to just work when they are sparkling clean. There have been all kinds of tests and trials where guns are abused and they still work - they're not a piece of china.

    I typically try to clean a gun at about the 500 round mark, that's about every three weeks for me, but it doesn't bother me in the least, if I miss it either way by 200 rounds or so. If any of my guns wouldn't run flawlessly under those conditions, I wouldn't want it. I want a gun that can handle shooting debris and keep going. And, I prove my guns can about every 3 - 4 weeks.

    OTOH, if I shot a gun and knew I wouldn't shoot it again for a month or so, it'd get cleaned ASAP.

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    Clean it every time I shoot, but sometimes it sits for a day.

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    I have to differentiate between types to a degree.

    Milsurp rifles using corrosive ammo - of course, immediate and scrupulous clean. Non-cor ammo rifles then if only a few shots no, not always a clean - other than external wipe down on blued and any lube needed.

    Handguns ....... revo's will not get a full clean if only a few rounds and i guess neither will a semi - but with the latter it will always get a field strip and relube as minumum. Much then is down to ammo thruput for me - if a prolongued session then a clean will be done if not same day, next day.

    I don't think handgun bore cleaning is as necessary as dealing with crud build up in receiver areas and even then, a coupla mags won't make too much mess. Plus - I do like to ''prove'' a cleaned carry gun by shooting a few rounds - just to be sure full function is guaranteed.
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    Usually clean the same day, maybe one day later. Cleaning everytime is my way of making sure that everytime I pick up a gun it should function like the last time I used it.

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    Mine get cleaned after every trip to the range. If only a few shots taken, the cleaning may simply be one swipe of the bore and inspect the action for debris. Since my shooting sessions usually involve 50 rounds or less, I rarely field strip a pistol. I read in some gun magazine that field stripping was not recommended for every clean-up, especially after light use.

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    I posted each and every time....BUT there is an exception...that is my Ruger markII target....lets face it...they are a pain to take apart and put back he get every other time for a full cleaning...but a barrel swab, and wipe down everytime.

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    After every time I use my weapons, I powder their butt, diaper them and then put them back in their crib.

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    Every time when I get back from the range.......
    I head to the basement with a cold beer (since the shooting is done ) and take good care of the guns that might have to take care of me in a bad situation.

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    Religiously after each and every shoot. I change my underwear every day too.
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    I field strip about once every four to eight trips to the range. But I clean the bore and check the action after every trip.

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    If you can believe what the gun manufactures say..I'll pass this along from a pamphlet entitled.... Preventive Maintenance Of The Glock Semi-Automatic "Safe Action" Pistol..."Your Glock pistol should be field stripped, cleaned and lubricated as follows:

    1. when brand new, before the first time it is fired, plus
    2. at least once a month, plus
    3. after each time it is fired

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