what's your backup gun?

This is a discussion on what's your backup gun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just bought a north american arms in 22 mag. It now my back up gun. I carry it with my shield in 9mm or ...

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Thread: what's your backup gun?

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    what's your backup gun?

    I just bought a north american arms in 22 mag. It now my back up gun. I carry it with my shield in 9mm or my .38 as a bug. Never thought I'd carry a bug. What do you guys think about this weapon as a bug? What do you guys have for bugs?
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    I have a couple of 22mag NAA .. They are last ditch guns for sure only get a few shoots and single action .. But they work and are good guns for what they are .. I like the PUG model or if I could find a sidewinder that can reload faster ..

    Single action guns like that are for me a BUG BUG gun .. Last ditch or no other choice only ..

    I do like these guns for BUGS 5cbf1e1a5692fa82bb510a033498fe3c.jpg two shots but double action and very compact .. Old school BUG gun lot of cops I hear carried these way back when .
    My other last ditch gun is this

    Single action can be fired fast ..yeah only 25 but I am pretty sure at the range I will be using it I will just shove it up the preps nose and empty

    But really around here I normal dont carry a BUG gun small town not much need ..plus I have guns in the car if it goes all red dawn on me ...

    I think a LCP or p3at would be a good bug gun as well .. Small no controls to mess with just pull and fire

    When I carry BUG I think that this could be a stress pull gun ie perps attacking you etc so less fumble and ease to pull the better to me
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    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all. Get a gun you will always carry, and add more capability as you grow.

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    NAA mini in 22mag? My thoughts? I do it myself for a BUG many times
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    My wife and her Ruger sr9c.

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    No bug for me.
    I have no present interest in carrying two pistols and no training in the retention of two pistols,until that changes I am a one gun slinger.
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    Sometimes a TCP or a SCCY,or a snubbie of some sort...

    (when I carry a BUG ..or a Texas reload as I call'em)
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    1st backup is a 40cal 2sd backup is 45 long colt
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    LCP when I carry two.
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    My Shield is my BUG.
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    If I need to carry a back-up gun then I also need to reconsider going wherever it is I'm going because it sounds like I should stay home that day!
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    ^ why even answer the question like this.
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    I don't have it yet but my back up gun will be a S&W 642 once I can afford one. I currently main a shield in 9mm.
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