Police trade in opinions?

Police trade in opinions?

This is a discussion on Police trade in opinions? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What is everyone’s opinion on police trade in guns? Are they normally ragged out and not worth it or is a good deal generally a ...

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Thread: Police trade in opinions?

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    Police trade in opinions?

    What is everyone’s opinion on police trade in guns? Are they normally ragged out and not worth it or is a good deal generally a good deal? I ask because a store near me seems to have a decent deal on some trade in Glock 22’s right now listed in excellent condition.


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    i would think they would still be good since they are glocks, basing that just off of the reputation glock has.

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    I get the impression that overall these are good guns mechanically. Some do however it seems show quite severe holster wear, depending on make.

    Chances are tho for most, despite their looks they have probably seen (by our standards) relatively light shooting use. For that reason I would always give one consideration if the price is right. In fact I doubt Glocks being Glocks, finish will show too much wear anyways.

    CDNN seems to have rashes of good trade-ins at times.
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    Police trade-ins are some of the best deal out there. as was said, carried a lot more than shot for the most part, the key is to be able to examine before buying.

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    There worn a lot and shot very seldom. Most are in good mechanical condition but the finish is often worn. Steve48

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    I think trade in's (police or otherwise) are hit or miss, it really depends on who owned them, how well they maintained them and how much they shot them (as in: when off-duty).

    If your buying from a shop, just be sure and give it a good looking over and if it looks good, don't worry too much about it.

    If your buying from a CDNN, I also wouldn't worry too much about it cause as I understand it, they look the guns over pretty well, can't say if that's the case for other on-line sources though.

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    I think it could be a great buy. I haven't seen one locally, but wouldn't hesitate to buy one if it was a gun I was looking for already.

    Expect holster wear, but take the chance to look it over, and it's probably in great shape.

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    Im not a big glock fan but if the price is right than hek yeah.
    the factory can rebuild/recondition them anyhow i believe.

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    Keep in mind that Glocks are an easy rebuild. I say go for it.
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    If you get mine it has about 10000 through it.
    It's in good shape, lots of holster wear.

    And it's a Sig.
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    About 6-8 years ago I bought a "refurbished" Glock 17 through a local dealer. He did not have it in stock, but ordered it--I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and I saw the excellent condition. It appeared that the slide and barrel were new, and the frame showed very little sign of use.

    Apparently they go over the pistol and replace anything that seems worn. With the exception that it was a generation 2 frame, lacking finger grooves, it was just like a new pistol.
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    Generally a good deal. They will have some holster wear but shot very little. My primary was a police trade-in.

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    I'm not sure about the Glocks, but with Sigs, the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program is a great deal. Most are police department trade-ins, upon turn in to SigArms, they are refurbished and come out looking virtually like a new weapon, with a comprehensive 1 year warranty.

    Personally, I think it's a fantastic deal. SigArms customer service will give you a brief history of the weapon if you call with the serial number. (Manufacture date, date turned in to SigArms and date released to CPO status).
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    I must agree with Jayhawker45, I got my CPO Sig P-228 this way,
    one of the best buys i ever did. IMHO.
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    I have a G19 that is over ten years old. It is an NYPD Glock that was issued to me. It has been shot a lot and has NEVER had a malfunction. Aside from some holster wear, she is in good shape.

    By the way. I got rid of that 12 lb NY2 trigger and put back the stock 5.5 lb Glock trigger. Very accurate firearm.
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