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How many carry glocks?

This is a discussion on How many carry glocks? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Everytime I get bored with Glocks, I'll switch to Sigs for awhile or 1911's. I always come back to the Glock. Always. They are super ...

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Thread: How many carry glocks?

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    Everytime I get bored with Glocks, I'll switch to Sigs for awhile or 1911's. I always come back to the Glock. Always. They are super easy to work on, parts are everywhere. I buy them in bulk just 'cause they are cheap. I like having parts on hand to rebuild mine or others anytime the need comes up.
    I'm partial to the midsize platform, the 19, it would only could be better if J.B. made it. Gaston did a fine job though, no complaints.
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    I carry a G-26 everyday, all day. At night it is on the night stand

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    23 on duty, 19 off duty.
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    G21, and G30, very nice shooters.

    If you don't protect your self, who will?

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    Mine is a 23 with factory night sights.

    Very accurate shooter !

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    i carry a g23. pretty soon, i'll add a g27 to the stable for deep south summer carry. the glock is the perfect carry piece as far as i'm concerned.

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    South of North, North of South
    G22 Primary with G27 BUG for years, G27 for CCW now. I own some S&Ws, SIGs, SA1911s, Colt1911, but I carry a Glock!!

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    I carry my Glock 26 in my pocket when I am dressed for work, or when it's too hot to wear a cover garment (here in Las Vegas, it gets hot in the summer, like up to 115 at times). My primary carry gun is my XD 45, and I will frequently carry my G26 in the inside Left vest pocket of my vest as a BUG, or for cross draw should the ned arise while driving. I also have a G19, which is in the bedroom. My wife really likes the Glocks, so if she needs to protect herself at home, there's always 1 ready for her.

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    27, 23 and 22. CC mostly the 23 IWB. The 27 (w/ the extended mag) sees smartcarry around the house. All have extended glock controls that come standard on the G21. All have TruGlo TFO's. Also have 22lr conversion kits for all of them.

    As much as I've resisted and desperately wanted to NOT like glocks, I have multiples and carry a glock a majority of the time.

    IMO, they are the easiest to shoot well with the least amount of practice.

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    Initial learning on Glocks, now have two 26's and a 17, plus some other guns that never get carried.............
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    I carry a G30 most of the time, sometimes I carry my HK USP 45 in the cold months. I love the 30, zero problems in almost a year of shooting, very comfortable/easy to carry/conceal, very accurate, I like carrying G21 mags for spares. The wife has a G26 in her nightstand and keeps it in the car when out and about (carries keltec P11 on her).
    I plan on getting a 21 and a 19 asap.
    Certified Glock Armorer
    NRA RSO, Instructor

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    Glock 36 In A Galco Yacqui, Almost Invisible It Rides So Close And Flat..added Trijicon Night Sights And An Internal Laser And Feel Very Confident. Accurate And Fast On Target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcheinaman View Post
    Went out and got my new Glock 23 yesterday. Was just curious who else here carries a glock and what do you think about it?
    I carry a G-23 and a G-27.
    I also have a .357 SIG barrel for the G-27, drops right in and uses the same magazines!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    Nothing personal. I know many fine Glock Guys. Glocks just don't work well for me.
    "Guns aren’t toys! They’re for protecting your family, hunting dangerous or delicious animals and keeping the King of England out of your face!"
    -Crusty the Clown

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    Nope! Don't own a one. Have shot several but have not done anything for me.

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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