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How many carry glocks?

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Thread: How many carry glocks?

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    luv the G23.
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    I do have my G23 and G35 on my CCW card. They are my secondary carries.

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    I carry a G23C and my wife carries a G27; I did the 3.5 Ghost Rocket triggers on both of them and lots of polishing on the trigger bar and connector. Smooooooooth as silk now and trigger breaks like glass.

    I know it's more than you asked by what the heck.


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    "Gun Free Zones" is where only criminals carry guns.

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    Two 17's and a 26

    One 17 is first gen, been with me since 88 and is now my training gun. The other is a 3rd gen, thats the carry piece if I carry a 17 [ a lot ].

    The 26 sits lonely in the safe now that I have my CZ PCR compact for the summer months though.

    Edited to add: My first gen G17 finally broke a part at just over 70K in rds count. The trigger return spring, a part that cost me a dollar to replace. Damned glocks, can't trust em at all past 70K

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    Thumbs up

    I have a Glock 20 that rides nice in a Crossbreed, but I usually carry the 1911. The G20 is the nightstand gun now.
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    Glock 22, NS
    Glock 20, NS
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    I have owned a Glock 23 since 1995 and I keep going back to it. I recently sold (loaned) one of my 1911's to my father-in-law and started carrying the G23 again. I have never had a problem with my G23 and I have no idea how many rounds of 40. I have put through it. I just trust my Glock.

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    Carry a 21, on the hunt for a 23.

    I'm in Florida and summer is on it's way, need I say more???

    Glock all the way for me, Traded my Sig for one!
    Above all else... Prioritize.

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    After 14 handguns, I finally bought a Glock 36. I love it. It is fun to shoot, and easy to carry. If you shoot a Glock check out AGI's video "Make Your Glock Rock". At least for me a first time Glock owner it was very informative.

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    Glock 26 or Glock 30

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    Glocks for Concealed carry

    I own three Glocks, a 23,30, and 35. From the beginning, I loved them for their reliability, magazine capacity, and accuracy. I even carried my beloved Glock 23 on several trips protecting certain US officials that were targeted for assassination by the East Coast mafia.

    Today, though, I am reluctant to shoot any of my Glocks, because the ranges where I teach have had so many "Kabooms" resulting from the overchamber tolerance/unsupported chamber issue. To ensure functional reliability in the worst military conditions, Glock designs their chambers to be slightly larger. Their design also leaves a portion of the cartridge casing unsupported,and this is where high pressure gases exit as an uncontained explosion. To date, we've had 9 at the Colorado State Patrol, and 15 at other police ranges. In each case, the guns were brand new, firing approved factory duty ammunition that had performed in other guns well for years. In each case, Glock distanced themselves from responsibility totally, and refused to repair or replace the guns, insisting that the guns must have been firing reloads. They were not.

    So carry what you shoot best, and feel safest with, but I am now a die hard Sig Sauer fan, carrying either a Sig 229, or Sig 220. My personal feeling is that you can never go wrong with a Sig, and their customer service and training at Sigarms Academy is amazing. I've been training regularly at Sigarms since 2001, and it has been very comforting knowing that the folks that build these guns really know about shooting, and the level of responsibilty we embrace as concealed carry individuals.

    Yours very respectfully,


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    I've seen kb! stories like that on .

    I only have one Glock, and it is the gun I carry everywhere because it always works. It is an older model (March 1990) Glock 19. I have had to replace the extractor and a trigger spring, but other than that (which I consider expected maintenance for a 17-y.o. gun), I have had zero problems with it. It has tritium sights and a rubber grip sleeve, and it is a tack-driver when I get in the zone.

    I have fired many different types of handguns, but I like carrying the Glock because of its simplicity, accuracy, high capacity, and incredible reliability.

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