glock 23/19 vs 30

glock 23/19 vs 30

This is a discussion on glock 23/19 vs 30 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering if somebody has and carries both of these. I have a 30 and want a 23 but the size difference on paper ...

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Thread: glock 23/19 vs 30

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    glock 23/19 vs 30

    I was wondering if somebody has and carries both of these. I have a 30 and want a 23 but the size difference on paper looks marginal. Is the 23 that much more comfortable to carry? I carry Iwb BTW. Maybe im just trying to get yall to talk me into getting a 23

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    I think you’re just trying to start a .40 vs. 45 debate!

    There is only a tiny bite of difference in size between the two, so to me that’s a non issue. The big difference is cal. and capacity.
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    30 is a good 45 but none of Gaston's 45 ACPs have ever fit my hand. For me its the 19/23 size weapons that I like from Glock as they all fit my hand well and thus I shoot them well. The recoil in the 45 and 357 Sig outta a Glock just dont fit me to well, so for me, I'll stick with what I know works. Plus I seem to have more crates of 9mm laying around and have absolute faith in the round to protect me.
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    Go and pick one up and see if it fits you or not. That is the only real advice anyone here can give you.

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    Have both, love both, carry the 23 most; higher capacity, and I have the .357 sig barrel in it. The 30 is great, and it is a keeper too.
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    I prefer the XD guns, but I would take a 19/23 over a 30 because of the difference in the width of the gun. I'd probaby go with the 19 because the ammo is cheaper than the .40.
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    I have both the G30 & the G19. Different tools for different jobs is how I look at it. You already have the 30 so you know how it handles, FWIW I would go with the 19. Less snap, easier follow up shots, etc... get good defensive loads ( I prefer 1st choice- Federal HST, then it would be Corbon DPX). Good luck

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    I guess I am just odd, but if I am carrying a .45 I expect it to be narrow (too much 1911 thought I guess) and the 30 is wider than my 23. Doesn't compute with me (even though I understand it holds more... doesn't matter- it should be thinner in my own twisted mind!!!).

    The 23 feels as if it was made for my hand. I've had people with larger and smaller hands say the same thing. My better half's hands fit it perfectly. My dad's hands fit it perfectly. Gaston knew what he was doing when he made the 19/23. I prefer .40, but I don't know why. It may be the ugly American in me that wants a caliber measured in inches and not millimeters. But, the 23 is on my hip now.
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    I had a G30 and it carried well but was a little slow on the draw. The wide grip wouldnt let me get a very good grip on it either as one handed shooting always proved. If you have either of these problems with the 30 than the 23 does make a lot of sense. Good luck

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    I have all three. The 23 is carried on-duty. The 19 doesn't get much carry time anymore. Off-duty I carry the 27 or the 30. I am waiting to get a better holster for the 30 then I will pretty much just carry the 30 off-duty.

    The 23 is a little more comfortable to carry IWB. The 30 is a little thicker (not much), and the 23 is longer and taller (not much).

    I hope that this helps. Good luck.
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