Not liking my grips

Not liking my grips

This is a discussion on Not liking my grips within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well the paperwork is in the mail, and I'm just going to have to sit and wait and hope they like the fingerprints I sent ...

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Thread: Not liking my grips

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    Not liking my grips

    Well the paperwork is in the mail, and I'm just going to have to sit and wait and hope they like the fingerprints I sent them.

    In the meantime my carry hardware is ready to go, save for one little detail. I thought they were going to work well, but the factory grips on my 642 suck.

    I do like how compact they are, and the factory grips on other Smiths I've seen are usually excellent, but these are just terrible.

    Nicer looking grips would be a plus, but I'm mostly concerned with how compact they are. Remember this will be a pocket carry gun.

    Plus with the finish problem, this gun looks like crap anyway.

    I've considered the Hogue Bantam grips. They're inexpensive, compact, and I really like Hogue grips so far. They are 2 for 2 with me.

    What say you?

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    I use Hogues on a few of my guns Grips are a very personal thing too people usually wont like the same grip on the same gun.

    Only thing i can say is shop around serch the net and see whats out there i like a wood grip on my carry guns heard the hogues can make you cloths stick to them.

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    Euclidean, check out and see if Pachamyr (sp) has any offerings for your dillema.
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    Unhappy with grips.

    I had a bit of the same problem with my 1911. (one of 'em) I wanted grips that were just a bit thicker because I have large hands. I went to a local knife show and bought two slabs of nice wood and made my own. I suppose it would be a little harder to make them for a revolver but with patience I'm sure you could prevail. I once made a set for a Ruger Single Six from Manzanita that I picked up in the Hualapais of Arizona.

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    Check out Hogue. HOGUE ~ Click Here
    They have some "Kick A$$" looking S&W revolver grips.
    A bit expensive though.
    They sure do make any firearm look beautiful.
    And the Hogue Guarantee....unless they changed it IS:
    You don't like them ~ Send them back.
    Go to their site & click on the little "Start Here" block.
    Then follow the trail to the S&W handgun grips.
    They have little tiny thumbnail photos that you click to open up nice & large photos of their S&W revolver grips.
    They also have a soft rubber...but the Rosewood laminate & the Kingwood sure look fantastic.
    Really Good Company. They treat you right.
    I had a problem once with a set of their Rosewood grips being a tiny "hair" warped at the top.
    A common problem with Rosewood (with a few grip styles) ~ but not the Rosewood Laminate.
    I called them up & they called me right back.
    Then...they told me they didn't have another set in my first choice of Rosewood for my odd pistol. (a European SIG/Browning P220)
    Their "customer service rep" hand picked me a BEAUTIFUL set of bookmatched KINGWOOD replacement grips.
    He initialed them on the inside (double checked them) & overnighted them out and then made a "follow up" call to ask me how I liked them & "Was I 100% satisfied with them?"
    I sure was...they are stunning!
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    I've got the Bantam grips on my 638. Excellent for concealment, not so good for practice. They don't give you much to hang on too so shooting it is a painful experience. However, I use mine as a pocket gun so concealment is the paramount factor.

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    I can't speak for a revolver set of grips, but the first thing I did with my Kimber Eclipse (my carry gun) was to get a set of Hogue grips with the finger indentions on the front strap. I'd used Hogues for my Beretta and really like the firm grip I'm able to maintain regardless of weather conditions. I have never had a problem with the Hogues sticking to my clothing. Best of all is that they're relatively inexpensive. Some people don't like the "looks" of rubber grips, but personally, I'm more concerned with "function". I'd recommend taking your present grips off, then take the gun with you to a gun show, and try out a variety of different grips, before making your decision.

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    Prospector we think alike.

    Since I need the most chopped down set of grips I can find, I went ahead and ordered some of the Hogue Bantam grips. They may not serve as a long term replacement, but it's not the ergonomics of the factory grips I don't like. It's the quality and the fit, and even if these aren't the greatest grips I can tweak them. I'm much more adept at fitting a pair of rubber grips than a pair of wood or plastic grips.

    If these stink I may look into Pachmayr Compact Professional grips.

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