Polishing the Ramp!!!

Polishing the Ramp!!!

This is a discussion on Polishing the Ramp!!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Time after time I read of problems with FTF's on pistols ( short barreled pistols to be more precise ) and I read that polishing ...

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Thread: Polishing the Ramp!!!

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    Polishing the Ramp!!!

    Time after time I read of problems with FTF's on pistols ( short barreled pistols to be more precise ) and I read that polishing the ramp fixed the problem.

    My question is......why dont they just polish the stupid ramp at the factory and save us all the headache.

    And should I ever need to, how does one go about polishing the ramp?
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    good guestion. i don't know why they don't. i work on all guns that i have/get/buy/friends guns/etc..... i polish the ramp, hood and all of the chamber of the barrel. it does not take much to make things to work well. i have seen on some guns that this is the only way to make the gun shoot. on others it just make a good gun better. it is to/a "each his own" when it comes to a f&b on a gun. but to me i am a f&b type of guy.
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    Same reason a lot of stuff gets out that doesn't work cheeper to fix it later than stop production

    The main thing on polishing a feed ramp and barrel is to POLISH it not remove metal

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    I put a small felt mop in Mr Dremel and apply some brown (for steels) polishing compound - toothpaste will do!!!

    Apply the mop at high revolutions until a mirror finish is obtained. Obviously best done with barrel out of gun!!!
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    A Cratex tip in the shape of a bullet works very well.
    One can get a mirrror finish in a few minutes using a Dremel tool.

    Like P95 stated...take the barrel out of the gun first then polish it. You can hold it in your hand if you are coordinated enough.
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    Did 'Buff & Polish'...

    the ramps on my KelTec's...and it did help!

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    Takes extra time and there for money!

    I did a light polish on my Kel-tec P32.

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    I always have my gunsmith polish and tweek all my auto's. Steve48

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