pocket semi/revolver, bedside gun or duplicate

This is a discussion on pocket semi/revolver, bedside gun or duplicate within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Right now my only firearm that I own and use for my carry/hd is a xd-s 9mm. I have some extra cash and am not ...

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Thread: pocket semi/revolver, bedside gun or duplicate

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    pocket semi/revolver, bedside gun or duplicate

    Right now my only firearm that I own and use for my carry/hd is a xd-s 9mm. I have some extra cash and am not sure what I should do.

    What I am deciding on is:

    LCP or the LCR for a gun I can always have on me even if I carry the xd-s with it IWB or not. I would probably carry one of these full time at work since it is easier to just have in my pocket.

    next option is a glock 17 for dedicated home and range.

    or my last thought is since I have had such good luck with my xd-s is to get a duplicate to have on hand but that would not really give me a second carry option, just gives me another gun to have.

    I do not go to range as often as I would like due to finances so I really do not have any need for a dedicated range gun right now atleast, but would not mind having a larger framed gun on hand.

    I do think the lcp/lcr would come in handy more as I can carry one or the other and it is more functional if I am going to spend cash right now.

    Please give your opinions on what you would do. Thank you guys!

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    Personally I would voted for a small Ruger as a BUG.
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    Buy one of each.

    Problem solved!

    Consider all the rolls you'd like your next gun to fill and go from there. If you want something with larger capacity for home defense, and still able to carry and conceal it fairly easily, consider a Glock 26, or other compact, like an M&P Compact. They're not pocket guns, but a good IWB will make them disappear easily.

    Everyone should own at least one revolver in their life. LCR would be a good choice, as would an SP101.

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    VIP Member Array 10thmtn's Avatar
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    If the snub works in your pockets, that's what I would do. If you need to be really, really discreet, then the LCP.
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    I would say get whatever gun you like best that COULD be an everyday-carry gun. The idea being that, if your XDs is out of commission for any reason (being worked on, damaged, actually used for defense and then held by police), you have something you can carry in its place.

    Of those you list, my preference would be the LCR, so I vote for that. But, be aware that it may be a bit large for pocket-carry, depending on the pockets. If necessary you can spend about $30 to get a smaller boot grip from Ruger. With that I can carry mine in the front pocket of my jeans. YMMV.
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    I'd say LCR then LCP because you'll get the most use out of carrying either one. The LCP is by far the most discrete of your options if you are looking to go really discrete.
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    If you get a Glock 19, then you could have both a HD and a backup carry gun in case your XDS is not available. Done.
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    Richmond/Rosenberg, TX
    Glock G19 and a Ruger SR40C both sit on my nightstand. My main EDC is the G19 and Ruger LCP as BUG
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    I vote LCR.
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    Member Array rdnkmulisha's Avatar
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    West Palm Beach, FL
    Thanks for the responses keep them coming!
    I feel a smaller discrete gun would be used more than a larger framed gun just sitting at night stand. I bought a bunch of the nee 8 round mid mags so i keep 3 loaded plus one in gun next to me at night and use flush when i carry. Although Xds is single stack and smaller i feel it plays carry/hd role pretty well and i shoot it great. I have owned glock 26 and 19's but never like thickness for carry although they both concealed great. I am not too concerned with capacity unless i was able to go to range more often hi-cap mag would be more useful... Tough decisions

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    Being old-fashioned, I'd sooner give up the stunted runt guns and just deal with a bigger gun if I could only have a one handgun.
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    I guess it comes down to if you would rather have a larger home defense firearm or more ccw options. If the latter I would probably go with the lcr and get the .38 special version because it's a few ounces lighter and for all day pocket carry a few ounces makes a big difference. My first pocket carry gun was and is a s&w 642, I then tried to replace it with an lcp then a kel tec pf9. I hardly ever carry the lcp but still pack the pf9 and 642. I mostly settle for the 642 for daily pocket carry at work where business casual attire is required. Though my little autos have been reliable, I still trust the revolver more from a reliability standpoint and find it easier to draw from a pocket than both autos. For me having an all day pocketable option is essential to always having a gun on my person no matter how I'm dressed.
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    You said that you do not go to the range as often as you wish for practice due to finances. As such, I would use the new gun money for an online purchase of 2000 rounds of 9mm and practice more with your XDs. The XDs conceals easily, will do fine for HD, and you will really become an expert with it.

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    I voted LCR. I own two a LCRX in 38spl. And a newly acquired LCR in 9mm....great revolvers....,the LCR9 maybe the best choice for you... You already have ammo!!!!
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    If my 1 gun was an XDs, my next purchase would be a 4" .357 Magnum. Preferably a K Frame, that way if I had to CC it, I could get by with it.
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