Mailman brought me a new gun yesterday

Mailman brought me a new gun yesterday

This is a discussion on Mailman brought me a new gun yesterday within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have had a Taurus PT-99 for 15 years or so. Bought it used so I don't have any clue how old it really is. ...

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Thread: Mailman brought me a new gun yesterday

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    Mailman brought me a new gun yesterday

    I have had a Taurus PT-99 for 15 years or so. Bought it used so I don't have any clue how old it really is. It was used for house gun and just shooting till Kansas gave us concealed carry. Two weeks ago at the range, the guy running it asked to shoot it. After 2 mags, he said it needed new springs. I have shot a dump truck of ammo thru it and never thought about replacing the springs. Last Friday, I called Wolff. Told them I wanted one of everything for the gun, also a 3 pack of mag springs. Mailman brought them yesterday.

    Some of those springs are a to replace, but I got them done around midnite. Man, were some of them wore out. I never noticed it. Went downhill very slowly. Took it out this afternoon, feels like a whole new gun. There is no longer any trigger freeplay, the slide does not shift around any more, hammer does it's thing very good. I never thought about springs. Bet I'm gonna replace them every year or so now.
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    Always good to keep spare springs on hand. Recoil and mag springs are usually the first to go but it never hurts to do a full change out when doing the recoil spring, just to have a handy schedule. Sort of dependent on how much shooting you do and how hot the loads are but most folks seem to swap out on a calander based schedule. I use use new springs in my 1911 range mags now but everything else is in top shape.

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    If you contact your firearms manufactorer ( any of them not just taurus ) they can give you the projected lifespan for any springs in the gun , and like oil in your car its not just months or miles , but a combo of the two. Springs have improved vastly in the last 20 or so years tho .
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    Quote Originally Posted by mech1369dlw View Post
    till Kansas gave us concealed carry.
    Don't you mean, 'till Kansas stopped denying y'all of your right to carry concealed, legally. :)

    Congrats on your "new" gun!

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