fed - thanks for the reply. I asked on another thread why you don't like sigs, but shoot them well. That answers my question. Thanks.

I have lusted over the 226 Elite, but will not purchase it. Just shoot my glocks more, besides I've got some long guns on the way and not enough scratch for all I want.

'75scout - I dry fired the DAK trigger at the gunshop. To me, it felt kind of like a light DA revolver w/ a long reset. I have a H&K w/ the LEM trigger, which is light long pull up until almost the break, then about 7.5 lbs, and a pretty short reset. Based on my experience, I prefer the LEM trigger to the DAK (granted, I only dry fired the Sig w/ DAK trigger). But others have the preference for the DAK trigger.

I would like to get the chance to actually shoot a DAK sig.