Thanks to the Phablet- New Shield

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Thread: Thanks to the Phablet- New Shield

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    Thanks to the Phablet- New Shield

    The cell phone has had an interesting ride, no? When they were first invented, they were the size of a suitcase. The craze was on to find a way to make them smaller and thinner. Eventually they shrunk down to minuscule miniature flip phones the size of an LCP mag (Zoolander anyone?). However, with the advent of touch screens, suddenly bigger is better, and now it is very trendy and socially accepted for people to sport brick sized cell phones again. Which leads me to my point- I am now easily and confidently pocket carrying a M&P Shield 40.

    The next time you are out at your favorite Costco buying your prerequisite pallet of toilet paper, check out the pockets of customers as they stream by. Guaranteed you will see every other person, especially guys, with a huge square bulge in their front pocket. Also watch other people watching people. No one cares. My point is that is has become so socially acceptable to have your pockets chock full of electronic gizmos, that no one notices any longer.

    Previously I was pocket carrying a Kahr CM40, in a Recluse holster. The CM40 worked very well, and with 2 spare mags I felt well armed. Full size carry is a HK P30, appendix. However, I am standardizing EDC triggers/ weapons systems, and after much research decided on the M&P line, as it offers a pocket(single stack), compact, and full size all in 40 caliber at a reasonable price, with lots of accessories available. My biggest question was whether or not the Shield would work for pocket carry, so acquired a Shield 40 first. I am 5’11”, 220lbs(my mommy always described me as “husky” ;-). I always buy pants one size bigger to accommodate IWB, so pants already are somewhat loose, but not ass crack showing loose. With a PJ pocket holster or Recluse, I am able to comfortably carry the Shield in the front pocket of khakis, cargo pants/short, and even relaxed fit jeans. Does it show? Yes. Does it look like a large cell phone/phablet in my front pocket? Yes. Does anyone notice or care? No.

    Conclusion: Kahr CM40 vs M&P Shield= after shooting and carrying for a month, the Shield is better in my opinion. It is larger, so handles the recoil better. Ironically, for me, since its slide is longer, it sits slighly higher in the pocket, and actually allows for a faster draw. Carries one more round then the Kahr, and the extended mags are better integrated. In my opinion also has better ergos and trigger. Even though its grip is longer, its more rounded, curved shape actually works better for pocket carry, not as blocky as the Kahr. Oh, and American- I no longer can be accused of supporting a cult . . . ;-)

    My two cents, which with my luck are probably Canadian . .
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    Don't knock Canada! ;)

    I've always wanted to pocket carry, but...

    I have a gun around is nearly that light.

    I also have my money clip/card holder, chapstick and a small plastic container of meds in my pocket. Phone rides alone in the opposite pocket.

    Bit crowded if I stuff my FNS 9C in there, IMO. But I'll give it a try to see. ;)

    If I remove everything and just keep the gun in my pocket, I'm going to need a Bat Belt to carry the rest. LOL
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    I keep it simple; I carry a small smart phone in a holster on my left side and a 1911 in a IWB holster on my right side. I always laugh at the people complaining when their phone breaks when they sit on it in their pocket.
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    Yes it is funny that things have come full circle with the cell phone. Everything that was considered old is now new again.

    As for pocket carry, I wouldn't want a bigger cell phone than I have now which is a Galaxy S5. It's thin yes, but still takes up a bit of real estate in the pocket. That's plenty big enough for me. An iPhone 6 Plus or a Galaxy Note would just drive me crazy having something that big in my pocket and also is why I have no interest is pocket carrying a pistol. I don't want to be carrying anything more in my pockets than I already do.
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