Got my gun...and a funny story.

Got my gun...and a funny story.

This is a discussion on Got my gun...and a funny story. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, I had been looking for an older model Taurus 24/7 but could not find one in the price range I had in mind. Well, ...

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Thread: Got my gun...and a funny story.

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    Got my gun...and a funny story.

    Well, I had been looking for an older model Taurus 24/7 but could not find one in the price range I had in mind.

    Well, after much debate (with myself) I decided to go to the local gun show and get a non-pro if I could find it, other wise I would get a Pro.

    Well, I walked the show (3rd show in 2 months) and could not find the non-pro, but I did find a good price on the Pro model.

    Short story...
    I have the gun I am going to be using to carry. Taurus 24/7 Pro 9mm SS.

    Long story...
    The guys I bought the gun from were at the show with inventory from their local gun shop. It was a father and son (will come into play later.) So, I ask what the cash price for the gun was, the dad gave me a price, we haggled for a little bit and I said Ok, $xxx out the door and you cover my TICS check and throw in a couple boxed of range ammo...Dad conferred with son and the deal was made. Well, I filled out my background check form and put my thumbs in the ink. While the dad ran the check and filled out the receipt, the son and I chatted about local ranges and I browsed his revolvers (for the wife.) The dad called me over and said, "ok, you passed the check"...(duh) and handed me the receipt and said "that will be $xxx" ($100 LESS THAN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN.) I handed it back to the dad and said "uh, you might want to take another look at that" "what's wrong?" he said. I said "I'm just saying you might want to take another look." The son says "What did you do pop?" The dad finally found his mistake and wrote another receipt.
    You know they had a chat on the way home that night.

    Anyway, I got a great gun at a fair price, and am very please.

    Range report to follow. Need to take a couple pics.
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    Enjoy your new purchase.
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    Sounds like a pretty good deal if you are pleased at a fair price - and kudos on the honesty.
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    You made VERY GOOD friends with that sale. They'll remember you when the time comes for that revolver you're looking for . Honesty is a best policy did well, got a great gun, and a good honest price to boot.. I'm sure you'll find them wanting to see you again, and they'll probably give you some goodies on your next purchase.. I know I'd do it for you if it were my storefront.
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    I agree on the honesty part. Way to many these days would have just paid the price and left. You kingfish, are to be commended!!
    I hope you love the gun!!

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    Who says you can't find a good deal at a gunshow?
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    Most gun owners, I'd like to think, are very honest. I know I've been.
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    I'm not much of a Taurus fan but if it's what you were looking for then congratulations. You did well catching his mistake and being honest about it - like Bob said, they'll remember you next time around.

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    I bet you won't have to haggle as much on your next gun purchase!!
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    Sounds Like...

    Two 'winners' here...

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    Good story. Can't wait for the pics. Honesty cost you $100 this time, but you kept your conscience clear and will make up for it if you patronize their shop again. Good work.
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    I'd be very interested in hearing a range report and seeing a few pictures of the gun.

    I have held a few of these 24/7's and I must confess, their grips do feel very nice. Quite ergonomic.

    Enjoy the new gun. It's always fun to break and new one in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    Sounds like a pretty good deal if you are pleased at a fair price - and kudos on the honesty.
    Not to "jack" the thread, but several years ago I bought a Kimber CDP from "my" dealer. It was my 1st purchase from him. After a bit of chatting and rounding up several boxes of ammo, extra mags, and him filling out paper work. He rang every thing up. $1300.00 something dollars. I wrote the check and left for a week in GA. with my son. I get a call in a couple of days from my brother says I needed to call the dealer because I wrote the check for $13.00 and it had already cleared the bank. I gave him a call and explained that I'd ask my brother to take him another check. Yes, I do get pretty good deals from him. And I can order anything I want and put it in lay a way for how ever long is needed.

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    I suspect that most CC.commers would also be honest about not taking the mistaken price. I congratulate you on being one of them. We are an honest lot. I personally would feel more than $100 of shame and regret at ripping the guy off. Not worth the financial savings.

    Regarding the 24/7. I thought I read something about how Taurus addressed some problems with the guns when they made the "Pro" versions. Or am I thinking of another line of guns? (I saw an article recently about a revamp of the Steyr pistols... and now I want one bad!)

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    Thank you so much all. You know, it's not something you even think about really.

    Yea, the Taurus did have some issues with the older model .45 very few issues as far as I know with the other calibers. The Pro from what I can see don't have any known issues.

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