Larger 380 ACP pistol

Larger 380 ACP pistol

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Thread: Larger 380 ACP pistol

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    Larger 380 ACP pistol

    I now own a Taurus TCP ... Great pistol ... But I thinking of getting a bit larger 380acp pistol .. I once owned a couple Bersa pistols and a few Makarov 's in 380acp (9mm Kruz) .. Send like I shot both platforms well ...light recoil and my wife really enjoyed shooting the Bersa...

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    You can also check the Beretta Cheetah. They aren't cheap, but they are really well built and allow you to load the barrel without operating the slide. Really nice.
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    If you like 1911s, there's always the Browning 1911-380, or the Rock Island 'Baby Rock'. Both of those are scaled down 1911s, right down to the grip safety. I got to shoot a few rounds from the Browning the other day. It's a really soft shooter. The baby rock ought to be even better in that regard since it's a steel frame, IIRC, rather than the composite frame of the browning.
    The Glock 42 is s bit bigger, and the shape/feel of the grip really helps absorb the recoil in a way the micro-pistols don't.
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    I think the CZ-83 is .380. (And the 82 is 9x18 mak, or else I have them backwards.

    Probably one of the biggest, easiest shooting .380s out there.
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    Another nice one (IF you can find one) is the TriStar C-100, a CZ75 Compact clone. But Tri-Star no longer imports them.

    I was fortunate to stumble onto one, like new. The pistol is all steel, weighs 2.0 pounds unloaded, carries 14+1 rounds and shoots like a dream.

    Show below in a Simply Rugged "Cuda" holster made for a Springfield XDS 3.3, and it happens to fit perfectly.

    You can find one occasionally, on Gun Broker and just "here and there." I love mine. DA/SA (safety but no decocker, carry hammer down (safely) or cocked & locked.)

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    Yeah my neighbor has a G42 and it is really nice if you dig the .380. I would just get the 43 at that point, but that's not what you asked I digress......

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    Ruger LC380. Slide is easy to rack if that is also a consderation.
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    My fav larger 380s :

    1. Bretta 84 or 85 or 86 .. 85 and 86 are single stack the 84 is 13 rounders
    2. CZ83 nice 12 round 380
    3. Sig 230 should be in this
    4. Astra makes some nice PPK clones and some that hold 13 rounds
    5. Bersa
    6. The classic PP walther

    I am a wather and Mak fan so I like guns based on them
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    The Gold Standard for a larger .380 is the Sig P-232:


    Pricey, but worth it!
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    Bersa Thunder 380 Plus. (Plus in the USA and Super every other country) Its a tad chubby in the grip to accomodate the 15 round double stack mag, but they are shooters. Priced around $350, they are a very good option for someone wanting a high cap .380. Comes in the duotone model shown, or all nickel. I have both the duo-tone and the all nickel. Like 'em a lot.

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    SIG P250 has a version in .380, which is probably the only full-size modern polymer gun of the caliber.
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    I had a .380acp (9mm Kurtz) made by AMT in the 80s that was all stainless and had a good heft to it.
    These days I'd likely go with the Colt Mustang steel frame if I wanted heavier without going large.
    My wife wanted a larger .380acp for HD so I got her a 2 lb+ Springfield XD9 with some low dose range ammo and she absolutely loves it for the range & HD despite her arthritis.
    She also CCs the Taurus TCP 780 due to its compact size and easy rack & trigger.
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    You will be Sold on the Glock 42.

    Light, light recoil and great accuracy for a .380.

    It does get dusty in an ankle holster, but so do other guns.

    I kid myself when I think that I need a 9mm ( Glock 42, or XD-S ) or .45 like the Kahr CM45 to replace the easy to hide G42.

    More power, but probably not any better guns.

    I'm sure a lot more recoil as well, esp. when I like to shoot can carry hot ammo.

    Some G42 were not so reliable but I think that Glock has worked them through the fires:)

    Those that are the big winners with the advent of the Glock Single Stack 9mm G43 are
    G42 owners with problematic guns, or those wishing to carry 147 grain 9mm.

    DC members like Shooter Granny, can attest to G42 reliability and shootability:)

    Have fun when you buy your G42.

    There are plenty of neat holsters for them these days!

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    Sig P250sc 380. This is a great 380 pistol 12 mg standard but 15 round mags are an option using X Grip adaptors . My wife moved from a bersa thunder plus to the sig as her main CC . Loaded with underwood 90gr gold dots at 1200fps plus its a good choice for recoil sensitive .
    Sig Sauer's P250 Sub-Compact .380
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    Just a question, why not step up to a 9mm. Cheaper to shoot. Shield, sig 938.
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