Range report: Taurus m4410 "Judge"

Range report: Taurus m4410 "Judge"

This is a discussion on Range report: Taurus m4410 "Judge" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently bought a new taurus model 4410, "The Judge" 5 shot small frame revolver. Mine is blue, has a 6.5 inch barrel, ribber grips, ...

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Thread: Range report: Taurus m4410 "Judge"

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    Range report: Taurus m4410 "Judge"

    I recently bought a new taurus model 4410, "The Judge" 5 shot small frame revolver. Mine is blue, has a 6.5 inch barrel, ribber grips, red optic sight, weighs 34 ounces empty, and shoots 45 colt and 410 2.5 inch shotshells. I have shot it with the colt ammo and shotshells, including use on the skeet field and quail hunting (yikes). My basic findings are as follows:
    1. The gun is more accurate than one would think with the colt 45 ammunition. It is easy to keep it in a couple of inches at reasonable distances ( say 10-15 yds) shooting unsupported. Recoil is minimal, even with defensive loads such as Hornady 200 grain jhp. Cowboy loads are a breeze. Trigger is heavy, and double action shooting is more difficult than it should be. Needs to be stoned.
    I thought the 45 colt would be lousy, because the cylinder on this thing is HUGE to accomodate the shotshells. Lots of free-bore, so to speak. Some leading in the chambers does occur.
    2. Shotshells,even the little win skeet shells, buck more than the colts. Hot hunting-style 2.5 inch shells are like shooting a hot 357 or something. I managed to hit some skeet and kill 3 quail with it- though the quail took about 8 shots to get. Limited range. You really need the birds to hold for the dogs so you can cock it and go single action. Shots beyond 10 yrds are very dubious. The shot spread is fairly tight- a pleasant surprise given the rifling. It is not much worse than my little 410 pump with cylinder bore barrel.
    Some shotshells are extremely hard to eject, and must be tapped out with a stick. Also, the cylinder locked up a few times with the shotshells, caused by the one just fired backing out a tad. No malfunctions of any sort with he colt ammo.
    Gun finish is mediocre- blue is okay but there are ripples on the barrel. Lock-up is fairly good. Cylinder gap is fairly minimal, and less than I would have thought for a gun like this. The gun comes in a cardboard box with no accesories.
    So, my assessment? The gun has no valid use, and I plan to keep it. Shooting skeet with a pistol is hysterical. Would be a fun trail gun. Not as smooth or refined as a SW, but also I only paid about 379 for it NIB. Could be useful to keep in the truck loaded with 45s, and a box of 410s for snakes or whatever. This thing is way better than using regular revolver cartridges loaded with snake shot.
    God Bless
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    Cool...thanks for the range report, sir.
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    Thanks, I have seen it around and thought it would be good for hiking, fishing and camping. I have an unreasonable fear of snakes. Not debilitating but the only good snake is a dead one, much like terrorists.
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    The Judge

    My wife wants one.

    Says it will ride with her in our Olds 442 (1972)
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