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Revolutionizing the Glock (Gadget)

This is a discussion on Revolutionizing the Glock (Gadget) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Looks like good added safety feature for a striker fired gun with no manual safety. I also have followed it's development over at Pistol-Training. I ...

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Thread: Revolutionizing the Glock (Gadget)

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    Looks like good added safety feature for a striker fired gun with no manual safety. I also have followed it's development over at Pistol-Training. I would personally have no need for it, as I got rid of my striker fired pistol when I decided that appendix carry or pocket carry served my personal requirements better (bad strong side rotator cuff), and only use handguns with external hammers (revolvers, SIG Sauer) so as to be able to ride the hammer down with my thumb when reholstering. If you like the gadget and want to use it, more power to you. If not, then don't. We are a country of choices. Choose wisely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RKM View Post
    It's innovative. I'll give it that.

    I carry AIWB in a Raven VG2. There is no possible way to safely one hand, no-look reholster with a VG2. I actually leave the VG2 hooked my belt, but pull it from out of my waistband, snap it over the trigger guard with the gun pointing away from my body, and then put the gun back in my waistband. I find it perfectly safe. If something does get caught in the trigger guard when snapping the VG2 back over the trigger guard, the gun will not be pointed at me. I don't see the need to be able to reholster in .00056 seconds.
    There's also no way to actually train with the VG2. It's an uncomfortable (when compared to a purpose AIWB holster) holster that costs half as much as a Shaggy and does roughly a 1/4 as much. No way you're taking that to a class or practice session and getting anything worthwhile done much less competition. However, the reholstering process while long and convoluted, seems safe enough. Me, I'll just put my thumb on the back of the slide and on the Gadget and.....reholster.
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    Safety Mod for Striker Fired Pistols

    I was reading the most recent edition of Recoil magazine and I came across this. One of my big concerns with the Glock was when it was time to re-holster. That is when the potential exists that something can snag the trigger and accidently discharge the pistol. I have always wanted to be able to use my thumb to block any trigger movement...just like I would on a hammer fired DA/SA pistol. Well apparently there is one about to hit the market. Curious what you guys think about this. It's called Gadget.

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    My Springfield XDs and XDS already have such a gadget. So do my 1911s.
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    Might be a worth while device. I personally don't see the need ,I never quickly re holster , nor fear holstering my pistols.
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    A quality holster made from kydex shouldn't be an issue with re-holstering a Glock.

    Old, soft leather on the other hand....I would be very concerned that the leather could deform while reholstering and make contact with the trigger and cause a ND.

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    Kind of a neat idea, but I'm taking it that the Gadget relies on a spring to keep it from activating when you don't want it to?
    And what if you have a failure to feed? Can you still rap the back of the slide with the heel of your hand without disrupting the Gadget's mechanics?

    I will say they named it correctly
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    Ok is this new product called a safety? All my pistols have them. That gadget was invented with the 1911 pistols.
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    No thank you.
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    I know some agencies teach reholstering and contact drills with the thumb over the back of the slide but i will never be a fan of it.
    I consider that thumb placement a bad habit waiting for an accident.
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    Plenty of solid pistols that already have a safety incorporated into the design. If I wanted one I would buy one of those guns over a Glock. Personally I don't have a problem with Glock pistols as they are. I re holster slow and deliberate.
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    You can have a conventional safety lever stalled on your glock without putting this item on. Cool idea but anything that is not OEM and installed into my internals makes me a little nervous.
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    Kinda takes away from the simplicity of a Glock. Looks like a crutch for those who run cheap, ill fitting, or worn out holsters. Or maybe they don't pay enough attention to obstructions while reholstering. Any gun without a factory engineered safety engaged can fire if you get lazy and let the trigger get pulled at the wrong time. Keep things away from the bangswitch and you have no worries.
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    Simple answer is, buy and carry a gun with a manual safety. There are enough choices out there that have them. Or, on "blocks", install the Cominolli (sp?) safety. Since I only own one striker fired pistol, which is seldom carried, I don't have to worry about the reholstering. All my leather holsters have a reinforced mouth on them to answer that problem. Its good that you are aware of this problem and are considering your options.
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    eh, if you want a safety on a Glock just put one of these on it, Glock has stated this does NOT void the warranty if done by and authorized gunsmith.

    *MANUAL SAFETY KIT (MSK) FOR GLOCK®, Cominolli Custom

    here's a variation with a better safety lever.

    Custom Glock Pistols
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