Trust Issues and the Beretta Nano

Trust Issues and the Beretta Nano

This is a discussion on Trust Issues and the Beretta Nano within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi gents! Short story: Bought a Nano - had to send it back to the manufacturer for repair. Not sure I trust it anymore, but ...

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Thread: Trust Issues and the Beretta Nano

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    Trust Issues and the Beretta Nano

    Hi gents!

    Short story:

    Bought a Nano - had to send it back to the manufacturer for repair. Not sure I trust it anymore, but I don't think I want to give up on it?! I really like this pistol! Would you spend the $ and time to trust it again? Or would you sell it at a massive loss?

    Long Story:

    I bought a Nano some time ago with every intention of carrying it eventually. Before carry, while testing, I had some issues with it. First spent casings weren't ejecting. Then the slide stop broke ... Finally at some point, I could no longer assemble / disassemble the pistol with the slide stuck somewhere half way on and somewhere off the slide lol (Sorry if my terminology is off - I am not much of a smith). I sent it back to Beretta for repair with every intention of selling it off after getting it back. Dealing with Beretta was simple enough FYI.

    Well I got it back, and forgot about it until recently.

    Guys, I committed the cardinal sin when I bought this pistol. I "fell in love" with it before I even shot it lol. I bought extra mags, night sights, new grips, holsters etc., etc. So as I began collecting everything to pack it up to sell at a massive loss ... I began to handle it again. Awe man ...

    For all the reasons people dislike this pistol, I like it!

    * I hear more often than not that people don't like the long trigger pull. I really like the long trigger pull. Mine is smooth as butter and to be honest, the reason I got the pistol other than it's caliber/size. I didn't want a short pull or hair trigger on a pistol I might be using under stress (that's me anyway).

    * The "high bore axis" people say is odd feeling. I really like it though. The sights come up fast and as naturally as anything I have ever had before.

    * No slide stop - I never use one anyway.

    That, and I find this thing shoots as softly as anyone could ask for from a "pocket 9." I do hate that it will not eat any ammo it's feed like my Sigs / Glocks.

    I put 500 rounds downrange before the pistol broke. As you know, ammo isn't cheap. I'll need to put at min another 5 to 700 rounds I am thinking to trust it.

    Would you do it? Or would you sell it at a loss and just move onto a Glock 43 lol? Not sure why this is so trivial for me lol? Thanks for the consideration!

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    Have you shot it after the repair? If not, shoot it see if its fixed. If its not send it back again, and move on....JMO
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    Sell it. Or use it as a paper weight.

    There are reasons that a handful of pistols are always recommended as the top choices. And once confidence in a gun goes, it aint coming back.
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    Ok put another 500 rounds and all right with the world. You carry and next time a range breaks again. Then what? Any gun can break at any time. That why I have never understood all this 500 round test stuff. works for 500 breaks at 505. What did you prove.

    If you don't trust it sell and move on.
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    That is a tough call. I have a Nano and carry it every day, I did have FTE for the first 500 or so rounds and any thing that was under 147grn but as the breaking goes...??? I don't know what to say about that, that is a tough call I would definitely run another 500 or so to see if it's safe. I know most people do not like them or beretta in general but I am the same as you I love this gun. The recoil is lighter than most it's size, it's small, and shoots great. Hopefully sending it in fixed all the kinks out of it for you. Wish I could help more but good luck.
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    If the gun is a "goosebump" gun for you then I'd spend the effort and money and test it again at the range...there are several Nano lovers in our small group and then guns have been flawless for these folks. I'm personally a Px4 aficionado *but* my pocket gun is a Pico which looks a lot like a little Nano. I really like the Nano as well and it works well for me.

    I had an issue with my Pico right out of the box - the firing pin broke!! I was not a happy camper *but* I knew the risks of getting a brand new gun very early in it's release. Beretta fixed it up and paid for the shipping and the gun presently has 1000+ rounds thru it and has never missed a has become my favorite gun and goes everywhere all the time.

    If I had to give up every gun I won except one the Pico is probably the one I'd keep. And my relationship with it started out with trust issues as well.

    With yer Nano, I'd run it thru a few hundred rounds and then see if your confidence does not return. All thing equal, it sounds like the gun is a good fit for you and you might shoot others that instill more confidence but don't fit you/suit you as well as the Nano. I have 4 Gun Buddies who swear by their is not inherently a junk gun but nothing is for everyone/all the time. Sometimes a Soul Mate gun has to be a cultured relationship and that takes time and practice.

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    Not trivial at all. Trusting our lives to a particular firearm is a very big deal. If that firearm can't be counted on to perform without malfunction on the range, let alone in a life and death scenario - that's unacceptable.

    I can tell you right off the bat, that if your confidence is shaken enough that you're even asking it - you probably know what you should do.

    If it were me - I'd take the losses. After all the issues and repairs - I wouldn't trust this one to be any different.

    I didn't buy a Nano - even though I desparetly wanted to - because of all the reports I read of these types of issues, and then experienced several FTE on a rental.

    If you decide to keep it, I'd put at least 1000 rounds through with NO malfunctions before I carried it. That's just me.

    Best of luck - it's always a terrible feeling to get what you thought you wanted and have it let you down.
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    Get a Shield.

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    You already lost faith in it and believe me you are never ever going to get it back. It could work just as it should from now on but the doubt is there, bite the bullet and sell it.
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    If they fix it for free than I would keep it. If its costing you money, than maybe its time for a change.
    My advice for you is that your gonna have 30 people replying to your thread and there gonna TELL you what you should buy instead because THEIRS is just the greatest. To me thats as bad an idea as falling in love with a gun before you shoot it. All makes and models have thier problems, just do a search. Your Nano is no different. Some folks swear by them and some have trouble, like every manufacturer.
    Shoot it some more and see if they corrected the problem. If you purchase a new one you'll have to shoot the heck out of it anyhow. The only thing I would advise against is spending money to fix it. If they dont cover the cost, let them lose your business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    Have you shot it after the repair? If not, shoot it see if its fixed. If its not send it back again, and move on....JMO

    Would you trade in your new car if it had a flat tire or the headlight burnt out? Or would you repair it and move on. After all, you're putting yourself at more risk every time you drive than the odds of needing the Nano. It it indeed turns out to be a lemon, then the obvious answer is to move on.
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    Thanks for all the responses guys!!

    It's great to know that I am not the only one who gets emotionally invested with his handguns, and struggles with "the idealism" from time to time lol. Seriously - Thanks! Great inputs.

    As for other single stack 9's - I handled and fired many a "pocket gun" before settling on the Nano (didn't like the Shield Richard). It ultimately came down to the Nano or the XD-S (XD-s felt the best, but I can't stand the shark-fin loaded indicator lol). The 43 hadn't been born at that time. I "settled" on the Nano as the pistol that was the best compromise for everything I wanted in a pistol smaller than my G26 for all the reasons stated in my OP.

    So ... all said and done, I am going to do exactly what Harryball originally suggested - take it out and shoot it now that it's fixed. If it displays any problems, in spite of myself lol, be done with it.

    Thanks again all. I'll let you all know next week sometime how it all works out. Cross your fingers :) .

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    Without knowing the breakdown on your initial 500 rounds....
    500 trouble free rounds of FMJ, followed by a couple magazines of defensive ammo is not as "trustworthy" to me as 100-200 rounds of carry ammo (HP).
    I've got to where I shoot 150 - 200 rounds of various HP ammo, using the magazines I will carry, if there are no problems I trust it.
    Any new magazine gets fired a couple times through with carry ammo; I do not assume a new magazine will be reliable, as they are sometimes not.
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    Up to you, to decide. Depends.

    Myself, I've had six different Kahr polymer pistols ... two of the PM9's, three P380's and a CW9. Exceptional ergonomics for me, including a flat-riding design and great compact carrying. But even after heading back and forth to the Kahr shop and after thousands of rounds, I could get not one of them to be reliable. Bummer, as I felt at the time they were the finest ergonomics and overall "package" on the market ... er, with the exception of reliability (at least in my own hands).

    Today, though, there are plenty of quality alternatives that are roughly in the same size range with reasonable ergonomics. Today, I wouldn't spend any time whatsoever beyond sending back to the factory and having them prove to me it was viable for betting my life on it. Failing that, I'd get rid of it as a "lemon" and move on to something else. But, that's me.

    That said, if Kahr ever does redesign their polymer series and ever does come up with a solid Glock-like magazine for their units, I'll definitely reconsider evaluating one of them at that point. Not until then, though. Trust was blow, over six examples. That'll take a lot of engineering and a solid field record to get over, at least from my perspective.
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    I would MUCH prefer to own a Nano than I would the Block . That said ,any gun maker has put out firearms that will/have malfunctioned. Sometimes it is the fault of the maker and sometimes the user.
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