Kahr MK9 or PM9 recoil spring/guide rod

This is a discussion on Kahr MK9 or PM9 recoil spring/guide rod within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Seems I've read where Kahr recommends replacing the recoil spring on their pistols (at least the MK9) every 3000 rounds. The guide rod (plastic?) has ...

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Thread: Kahr MK9 or PM9 recoil spring/guide rod

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    Kahr MK9 or PM9 recoil spring/guide rod

    Seems I've read where Kahr recommends replacing the recoil spring on their pistols (at least the MK9) every 3000 rounds. The guide rod (plastic?) has been topic for much discussion along with the entire recoil spring assembly. Here's the questions:

    What material is used for the MK9 guide rod? Why does Kahr offer a stainless steel guide rod? What would a SS guide rod do for the performance of the pistol? What about SS guide from a cosmetic standpoint?

    You can buy a recoil spring assembly from Kahr for 14 bucks which appears to include the guide rod (plastic?)...or you can buy a SS guide rod for 41 bucks but it doesn't appear to include the recoil spring. What's up with that? So, I buy a SS guide rod from Kahr Online Shop for my KM9...how easily will I be able to install it and new recoil spring(s) and will it fit properly? Wolff offers some replacement parts (not sure if it's SS guide with springs...or without springs) and I'm wondering if Wolff is the better way to go.


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    Personaly i dont have an mk , i do won a pm. Kahr says every 3k replace springs , that is fine , i am going on 5k now with no replacement . imho the material of the rod makes no diff .. other than heavyer makes a longer dwell time . imho and without getting into physics of recoil ect.. if you own a short nosed kahr your best off re springing every 5k rounds or so . understand also we are talking about 1 out of 100 or so shooters who will put even 1k thro what is baicly a pocket pistol .
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    Years ago I bought a used Kahr MK9. The recoil spring collapsed during an IDPA Compact match. The gun would not fully go back into battery after firing a shot. I am not sure of what round count that I am at as I bought it used. A quick call to Kahr had a replacement on the way. I eventually sold it to get the lighter PM9 as my primary carry was pocket carry. I am not sure where I am with a round count on my PM9 but so far no problems. Recoil springs are relatively cheap and not a bad part to keep extras on hand.
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