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Cocked and Locked?

This is a discussion on Cocked and Locked? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I guess I am a little confused about the concern for carryng the 1911 in condition one (cocked & locked). The 1911 style single action ...

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Thread: Cocked and Locked?

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    I guess I am a little confused about the concern for carryng the 1911 in condition one (cocked & locked).
    The 1911 style single action semi-automatic handgun designed by the late great John Moses Browning is one of the safest handguns available. With two, not one but two safety systems built into the design, it is all but impossible to have an accidental discharge.
    This gun was carried by literally hundreds of thousands of soldiers in conflicts in every part of the world and any kind of battle condition therein. I have been witness to tests performed on the gun where a cocked & locked gun was dropped from a height of 10 feet drectly on the hammer. In the hammer drop test the hammer actually broke 2 of the 50 timed dropped, but the gun never discharged. The grip safety is also key to the prevention of the AD.
    Though I own several other styles of guns (i.e. SIGP220ST, Taurus PT-145, and even a Para Ordnance LDA Carry 12) I still feel most comfortable with my many 1911 style guns.
    I guess education of the system is the key to having people understand how the system works. But you have to want to don't you????
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    I guess education of the system is the key to having people understand how the system works.
    Exactly sir, well said.

    Maybe you've seen this, it happens to be one of my favorite quotes on the 1911.

    “Is the 1911 an Outdated Design?”

    Of course the 1911 is an outdated design. It came from an era when weapons were designed to win fights, not to avoid product liability lawsuits. It came from an era where it was the norm to learn how your weapon operated and to practice that operation until it became second nature, not to design the piece to the lowest common denominator. It came from an era in which our country tried to supply its fighting men with the best tools possible, unlike today, when our fighting men and women are issued hardware that was adopted because of international deal-making or the fact that the factory is in some well-connected congressman's district. Yes, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the 1911 IS an outdated design....and that's exactly what I love about it.

    Rosco S. Benson
    "The pistol, learn it well, carry it always ..." ~ Jeff Cooper

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    End the cycle of hatred, don’t give them a tomorrow."

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    This is just an observation but....

    The 1911 was designed to be carried cocked & locked with a round in the chamber.
    This was before all the lawyers got involved and started meddling, adding additional redundant safties, in many cases, to an already perfect design.

    My point is that typically modern 1911's are safer than ever to carry with a round chamber and cocked & locked. The potential problem comes in when the owners brain safety malfunctions.
    So, IMO if anyone has any reservations regarding his/her ability to safely handle any type/design of firearm, simply make another choice. There is no shame in that. Then get some training ...........

    Either that or keep your thumb off the thumb lock and your trigger finger off the trigger until it's time to fire. Discipline and training!
    The 1911 is just as safe as any other pistol design out there and maybe more so than some.
    John Moses Browning and Eugene Stoner were the Albert Einstein's of the Gun Industry!

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    Isn't cocked and locked REALLY the same as having on in the chamber in a Glock? After all - you can't even dry fire a glock unless you rack the slide back each time.
    For God, Family and Country!

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