Back up gun/Primary Carry Gun is it any good?

Back up gun/Primary Carry Gun is it any good?

This is a discussion on Back up gun/Primary Carry Gun is it any good? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am thinking about purchasing this gun There is a coupon for $30.00 Rebate or 2 free magazines on the website. Also, I found ...

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Thread: Back up gun/Primary Carry Gun is it any good?

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    Back up gun/Primary Carry Gun is it any good?

    I am thinking about purchasing this gun

    There is a coupon for $30.00 Rebate or 2 free magazines on the website. Also, I found one for around $269.99 before the rebate. Is this a good Back up gun or primary carry gun? I have no experience with this firearm and any feed back would be great. I am not very fond of double action guns but since the price is not to bad plus I wanted something that carried atleast 15 rounds its attracting me.

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    I would pass the 12# triggers really suck The older ones were very problematic they say the newer ones run better but still sport a 12# trigger

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    The Rodney Dangerfield of guns

    The S&W "Sigma" guns, of which this is an example, don't get much respect from gun owners that post on the web. These guns are right up there with Lorcins and Hi Points as objects of scorn.

    I have never shot one, but have held one and must say that the grip felt comfortable in my hand. Additionally, S&W has been selling these for at least 10 years, so somebody must be buying them.

    If you want a polymer S&W with large capacity magazine, you might also look at the new M&P line from S&W. These are getting very good reviews, but cost a bit more than the Sigma.

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    I would go with the M&P over the Sigma, and while there aren't a ton of them out there, you can find a lightly used M&P for roughly the same price as the Sigma.

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    I have one that I bought because I was looking for a cheap 9mm, and this one I got for under 300, from a reputable manufacturer, with a lifetime warranty. Its mostly just a range fun since that is what I bought it for, 9mm is cheaper to shoot than my .45.

    I have carried it a few times in a Galco IWB when for whatever reason I didn't feel like carrying my 1911. Its roughtly the same size as some Glocks, so it is concealable. It holds 17 rounds of 9mm. It is fairly accurate once you get down the trigger pull. It doesn't weigh as much as an all steel 5" 1911.

    However one problem is the trigger pull, it is rather stiff, I think the manual says like 10 1/2#'s or something. I have friends who have trouble pulling the trigger for an entire magazine, and after about 100 rounds, I'm usually about done dealing with the heavy trigger pull. A lot of people don't like them, they got a bad rep due to frame problems early in the run.

    If you have any more specific questions feel free to PM me or ask on here.
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    I own that exact model. It's a good weapon and once I adjusted to the trigger pull, I found it to be fairly accurate. It's definitely comfortable to hold and concealable. I alternate between a pancake slide belt holster and a shoulder rig. The shoulder rig is, by far, the more comfortable carry of the two in my humble opinion. I bought it for 289.00 in a local gunshop and haven't regretted it. (I put 100-200 rounds per week through the thing.)

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    I am not a fan of the SIGMA line, my uncle has an older 40 sigma and the gun does not shoot well for any of us. We have a hard time hitting paper with his at 10 yards. We believe it wo be a grip angle/size issue but it is not the gun for him or anyone else in our family.

    My unlce told me last year when I was looking to puchase my first gun that he would not sell any guns because he had regretted 2 out of 3 he has sold. He is leaning toward selling this gun which for him is saying something.

    On a side note we both (He and I) love my M&P 40.

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    The only challenge with a 9VE or 40VE is a rough and heavy trigger when new.

    I have a 40VE that is 3 years old. After 500 rounds and 1000 dry firing the trigger will smooth and lighten up. It will also teach you trigger control and make you a better shooter for all of your guns.

    Mine has over 3500+ trouble free rounds down range, I have used it for IDPA, fits my hands perfectly, holds 15+1 (or 14+1 for newer mags) and all ammo has fired with no issues.

    I use it now as a HD gun with a light on it.

    You can't go wrong with one.

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    Hey guys the SIGMA line had gotten a bad rap back in their infancy,(that is first generation) but the newer ones are much better.The grip feels so much better tahn my Glock does and accuracy isnt that bad for a defence weapon (2.25 @ 25 yrds)free hand.As far as used M&P's I work for a chain store that sells firearms and I havnt seen any M&P's used period.If anyone finds them for the same price as the sigma used please let me know.

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    The new ones seem reliable. I have to friends in LE (One's a co-worker the other an academy mate & best man at my wedding). They both have the sub-compact .380's. They like them, but they have a damn heavy pull.

    They're not bad guns, really. They're light for their size like a Glock, the new one's are reliable, they're inexpensive, & the guns have been around a long time plus S&W backs the gun.

    It'd be a good range gun, I don't know about an EDC. I'd buy it, but see how the trigger is if you're thinking of carrying it. Good luck.
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    I have a newer generation .40, and I have never had problems with mine; as many have mentioned already, the trigger is not smooth at first. YMMV.

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    i love my sigma. i posted somewhere else my reasons why, as opposed to a variety of other models. i've had mine for a little while now. it's light, comfortable in the hands, has minor recoil, is accurate, and is the perfect all around gun. the trigger is pretty stiff, at first, but you get used to it quickly. i alternate between a cheap uncle mike's IWB sheath, and a bianchi minimalist belt slide.

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    I've owned 2 in the last few years,
    both were 9VE's and both were
    trouble free.The trigger will take
    some time but will smooth out and feel slighly lighter.A little bit
    of lube in the right spot will help
    it right out of the box.

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    I shoot with a guy that has an older model and it shoots fine. Never a FTF or FTE and it hits right where he aims it. Trigger is a bit rough but he seems to have overcome that just fine.
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    I really like Glocks and carry two of them when I don't carry my 1911.
    I'd pass on this one myself especially for the $$$.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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