The world as I knew it has changed...

The world as I knew it has changed...

This is a discussion on The world as I knew it has changed... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It is time to invest in an ice rink franchise in Hades. My wife has bought a gun. She picked it out herself, after going ...

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Thread: The world as I knew it has changed...

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    The world as I knew it has changed...

    It is time to invest in an ice rink franchise in Hades.

    My wife has bought a gun.

    She picked it out herself, after going to several stores and a few shows. She has shot a few rounds thru my Sig 226 but didn't like it, the grips were too big for her hands and the 9mm was too much recoil. She finally found one that seemed to fit her hand better.

    She test fired it today when we found a used one at an indoor range, and we brought it home.

    It's a very nice Bersa .380, with wood grips:

    Looks like it sat in a drawer for a few years. Almost no holster wear, and even less internal wear.

    Here is her first target:

    The four head shots were mine, she asked me to test it first and see if all was as it should be. The neck round is her one shot from my P225, which she didn't like any better than the P226.

    The bottom string of hits was the remainer of the first magazine. All the hits in the orange are her second magazine after I adjusted her grip and stance slightly.

    Here she is, image cropped for privacy reasons... but I wanted you to know that she really does exist, and that I'm not just buying guns for my imaginary family members:

    Now, admittedly this target was only at 3 meters but considering that it was essentially her first time shooting ever, and it was with her own gun that she selected and bought herself, AND that the idea of her buying a gun just one year ago would have sent her into spasms of laughter, I'm an extremely proud husband.

    (<-- Tank does happy dance)
    "I am a Soldier. I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight." GEN George S. Patton, Jr.

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    ... and she's got the finger outside the trigger guard, alongside the slide. Nice groupings, too! Kudos.
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    My wife at 70 can shoot very well. We shoot at IDPA style targets and most of her hits are deadly. She shoots a .380 Makarov but will do very well with a snub nosed .38 or my 1911 .45. As a field engineer I worked in far off posts. Someone asked me what about someone breaking in on my wife. I replied "Pray for him"

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    but I wanted you to know that she really does exist, and that I'm not just buying guns for my imaginary family members:
    OK, I believe you now. :wink1:

    Good work. Keep her shooting and soon you'll be fighting over the gun money on whose turn it is to buy the next gun.
    eschew obfuscation

    The only thing that stops bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. SgtD

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    One word: NICE!

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    Tell Your Lady congrats from all us on the board , May she never need it , but allways have comfort from haveing it .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

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    Nice shooting, I'd hate to be the person to get that shot in the #6 ring

    Looks like she is off to a fine start. It will be a lot of fun for you both to watch that group shrink, very quickly I imagine with some regular practice, and her getting comfortable with her fine new hardware.

    "fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen." [Warren v. District of Columbia,(D.C. Ct. of Ap., 1981)]
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    She is a very intellegent woman, the fact that she sees the need for personal protection, and has taken steps to provide that protection for herself. She is lucky woman in that she can handle the recoil, noise of the gun & ability to understand that she may, someday, need to defend her life, at the risk of anothers.

    You are a lucky man to have such a woman. They are far & few between. You are now an unlucky man if you piss that woman off. LOL

    The only thing needed for evil to exist is for good men to stand by and do nothing!!!

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    very nice! congrats to both of you!

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    Good move Robb - and sure seems like it is proving successful

    Nice to have the wood grips too.
    Chris - P95
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    very nice. my wife doesn't really care for my bersa .380. that's why she picked out an XD-9. :)

    my bersa .380 is my daily carry when i only have a t-shirt on. great little gun.

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    This is my 100th post! Yea!

    My wife has finally come around to me owning and carrying, but still hasn't made it to the point she wants to shoot or certainly own her own gun. Any advice? (Trying to get her to go to the range with me hasn't worked yet)

    Congrats on her new purchase! That is a beautiful gun with the wood grips!

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    That's a beauty of a gun, nice choice! Good shooting too - heck, she'll be applying for her carry permit in no time.

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    I think she'll be happy with the Bersa. The Bersa .380 was my very first handgun. I didn't buy it myself (I wasn't 21 yet) but I sure did like it (and still do).

    My first actual gun purchase was my Kimber and that is my carry gun. It's a fabulous feeling to hold your first gun and know it's YOURS.


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    Congratulations Tanksoldier!! In the words of Mr. T, "I Pity The Fool!" Someone would be foolish to break into your house! Just don't fight over who will shoot the buglar!
    I sleep good at night because my wife also has a concealed weapons permit. She can shoot as good as I can! I try not to piss her off to often!
    This line was made famous by the Clint Eastwood character Inspector (Dirty) Harry Callahan in the 1983 film Sudden Impact, "Go on punk, make my day".

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