What type of sights on your CCW?

What type of sights on your CCW?

This is a discussion on What type of sights on your CCW? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Other than the 3-dot and 3-dot night sight stlyes, I have limited expericence with sights. This sparked my curiosity and I was wondering what sights ...

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Thread: What type of sights on your CCW?

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    What type of sights on your CCW?

    Other than the 3-dot and 3-dot night sight stlyes, I have limited expericence with sights. This sparked my curiosity and I was wondering what sights you prefer on your CCW and why you prefer them. Whether it be solid black tactical, U-notch, post, etc., voice your preferencse and reason.

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    Well on my 4"1911 I have 3 dot night sights, but on my Springfield XD45 I have 3 dot tritium fiber optic night/day sights. On my revolver, it has factory fixed sights without any dots and no night sight capability.

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    All of my CCW's have 3 dot night sights. Not because I think they're the best, it just ended up that way.
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    My CZ P-01 has 3-dot non-tritium sights, and my MK9 and Sig P226 have the bar-dot sights. The Keltec P3AT has vestigal sights at best, but I painted the front sight orange & rear sight white.

    I am planning on getting 3-dot tritiums for the P-01/MK9/P226 so I have a common sight picture.

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    How do you like the Tritium fiber optics. I think I want to put them on my XD9. Have you tried in both light/dark conditions? How is target aquisition in both conditions?
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    CT grips on the 638

    3dot on all the others, xd40sc, xd45c, and p89

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    My usual carry 1911 has night sights (came that way). Others I have used had black sights (I like Heinie rear sights).

    My custom Browning HiPower has a black Heinie rear and a gold line front. It took a little bit to get used to that front sight, but I like it now. The vertical gold line shows up against dark backgrounds, and the blued surface shows up against light backgrounds. Unlike most night sights I've used that give a different POI than the top edge of the sights, the gold bar insert has the same POI as when using the rest of the sight.

    The backups have the sights they came with- the Kahr has the bar-dot and the S&W J-frames have the ramp and trough.

    I used to want night sights on everything, but don't get too excited if a gun doesn't come that way. They have good and bad things about them. After a couple of night shoots in training classes I found they were not as beneficial as I thought.
    They are nice when it's really truly dark, but otherwise, I think I can do without them. They clutter the sight picture, and they usually have a different POI when using the dots than when using the top edge of the sights. That last- two different POIs- really bugs me. I always have at least one light with me, so that somewhat negates their benefits anyway.

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    Just as happy with black sights as i am 3 dot or 3 dot night sights

    I dont really care for night sights but im one of the few

    Kind of want to try the ashely express sights out

    My 1911 EDC came with night sights so thats what i carry when i dont carry it its usually a wheelie and they have not put night sights on them yet that i know of

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    I guess for ccw use i have to say i prefer some type high visibility front sight , night sight if possible . Other than that i can work with about anything and not all my ccw guns have night sights , or high viz for that matter . Anything ( including no sights ) can and has worked if the pistol indexes properly for the shooter , I just like to be able to visualy index the front of the gun .
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    Iron sights are somewhat less important than once - due to eyes gettin old! I do tho like some form of dots which helps even if blurry. On some guns I will use BrightSights paint to enhance dots to my color choice.

    The 226 has night sights altho I doubt they'll get used as such but the dots do assist in getting a picture. I like a generous ''U'' rear sight and a blade front sight - but also like to see plenty of daylight to make lateral aquisition easier.

    I also have CT's and these can be a great plus under certain conditions, altho as I always state, they are an adjunct and far from primary.
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    All of my “serious” pistols use tritium NS, I’ve taken a couple low light classes and seen the value. I prefer a sort of custom combination of a large white outline dot, with a large vial and smaller white outline vials in the rear. It really makes the front sight “jump out” when acquiring a target.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bud White View Post
    when i dont carry it its usually a wheelie and they have not put night sights on them yet that i know of

    IF you want nightsights on your wheelie, check out these guys:


    They’ll put nightsights in just about anything, to include revolvers. I’ve had them modify the sights on both of my Baers’ to white outlines, with larger tritium vials in the front sight. IMHO, the biggest weakness on Baers are the nightsights which IMHO suck. To do my Concept V which I received back last night was all of $69 including shipping.

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    I'm still deciding myself. I've used Trijicons and Meps for years but I think I'm going with Warren or Novaks this time. I want a plain black rear with a larger cut and a tritium dot front. Right now, I just blacked out the rear on the stock sight.

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    I have Tru-Glo Tritium/Fibre Optic (TFO) with a green front and yellow rear on both of my pistols. I like how the fibre optics glow very bright in the daytime and are still lit by the tritium vials in the dark. I also like the green/yellow combination as that lets me know for sure that I am seeing the front sight and not mistaking a rear sight dot instead. I have noticed that I am getting a better flash sight picture when i am shooting IDPA with these sights than when I had Trijicons.

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    I don't know if anyone else has tried the Heine sights but I love mine. They are not the traditional three-dot but a two-dot setup. You just put one dot on top of the other. I have the straight eights on my USPc in .40 and they work really well for me.
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    This is something I am looking at changing also on my new M&P .40 Compact. I am considering the Warren Tactical rear sight with a Trijicon front site. Pretty much the same as kpw. I also have the two dots in my rear site blacked out right now.

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