I Need Advice. I am a newbie

I Need Advice. I am a newbie

This is a discussion on I Need Advice. I am a newbie within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Last December while I was delivering pizzas, I was jumped by two men and was assaulted with an iron bar and was robbed. While waiting ...

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Thread: I Need Advice. I am a newbie

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    Question I Need Advice. I am a newbie

    Last December while I was delivering pizzas, I was jumped by two men and was assaulted with an iron bar and was robbed. While waiting in the hospital in the emergency room, the detective assigned to my case suggested that I consider carrying a concealed weapon. Of course, obtain the license required.

    I have never carried a weapon. I am not familiar with what is a good piece for me to start with or even what good options I have.

    A new friend of mine suggested that I join this site and ask for advice. I live in Louisville Kentucky and do not know what is required by law in order to carry a concealed weapon to protect myself and my family.

    I would appreciate any good advice as I am new, but, I believe that I need to be prepared for the unknown. You know, some people just don't want to work. They would rather take from a 53 year old man who works two to three jobs to pay the bills and provide for his family.

    Thanks a bunch!

    P.S., I just joined this site tonight, thanks to Eric for his recommendation to do so.

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    Big greetings

    There is so much info here that my best suggestion initially is ....... browse and read. If then this can help you formulate some specific questions to help refine any decisions etc - post those.

    It would be all but counter-productive to give you a major load of data right away ....... but you have a good source here. In a short time I think we will have you up to speed.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear that you were victimized!

    The gun that is "right for you" is such a person decision and issue. There are great guns out there that might "fit the bill." First of all, do you have access to good gun stores and a range? If so (to both), I suggest you try different kinds of firearms to determine which fits your hands and your comfort level. Try them at a range preferrably (with an experienced person by your side to help you with range/firearms safety).

    Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions.
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    I suggest you also do some browsing at the link below. When you get there, in the upper-left, click on "All US CCW Links" and then on Kentucky for some info that will get you started.



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    The first thing you need to do is start shooting, even if you were familiar with guns once you need to get up to speed again.
    Start going to the gun stores in your town and see which one is friendly and approachable, it doesn't matter if the place with all the rude guys is cheaper, start browsing heavily at the nice place. Ask them what they recommend in different calibers, what they get least returns for warranty work on.
    If you're on a budget and you don't want to spend too much initially then get something like a cheap snubbie or a Kel Tec.
    They aren't super accurate guns but they still make you walk with more confidence and they do the job.
    If you have a bit extra cash then get something like the Glock, there are a lot of guns out there for $500 that will hide well and work every time you need them to. $500 is mid price on carry guns IMO, you do not need to spend more but a lot of people do..
    If you get a 9mm it will be cheaper to practice, and you need to be shooting often. I go to the range at least once a week, each visit uses about $30 - $60 in ammo. I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, I don't chase young women - I have one vice, ammo.

    After you get a gun and can shoot it like it was an extension of you, and that includes reholstering it without looking at the holster, you will be so much more confident. Add to that a carry permit and you're set.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on.

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    Yes, go to a gunstore and handle some different types of handguns. The main things you have to decide between are: revolver vs semi-auto, size, caliber, brand. Everyone has their own preferences and you just have to find what you like. A 5 shot 38 revolver is considered my many to be a fine handgun for self defense, so is a 9mm with 18 rounds, and so is a 7 shot 45acp.

    Best idea is to browse around the site and ask any specific questions that you might have. Narrow you needs and possible uses. And expect many answers that vary greatly. I haven't heard much bad advise here.
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    I'm right across the river from you in New Albany.
    This is definitely the place to be, I'm a forum junky but I don't post much, mostly absorb the info - I have not found a more informative site on carry issues.

    Indiana law is different from Kentucky, but I know a little from working over there, have a few friends at work with CCL.
    I'm pretty sure you can open carry in KY without a permit, but there are some vehicle issues. Don't take my word - check up on it.

    Do some reading here and get an idea of if this is really for you and where you are heading. That'll help you develop questions.

    There is an indoor range off Newburg that I go on my lunch hour, they have rentals to try out, not much money, and not many choices, mostly Glock and Springfield XP's. But it'll get some lead downrange and it's a great way to get started.
    If we can arrange it, I could bring some they don't have and let you try them also.

    But, again, first do some research and get a feel for it.

    Feel free to PM or email me

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    Welcome to the forum, read and enjoy. There is more info then you will need here but I'm sure you will enjoy all of it.

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    Welcome from Middle Tennessee! Good luck as you go through your process of finding what is right for you!

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    Take a pistol class...several...

    For carry, something small and powerful...but it should feel comfortable to your hand...take your time looking...the pistol class should help with the decision...go to gun shops...listen to everyone...wait, listen, read magazines...wait...then...What do YOU think?

    Certainly lots of info on this site...and if you ask 20 guys about what to buy, you'll get 20 opinions...

    Get a 1911, or a Glock...just threw that in there!


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    seems like a workable case of 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger' kinda deal. you lived to toughen the skin and are taking the right steps to make things better. being told to watch your six shouldn't scare you, only make you more aware. ...welcome aboard!!!
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    Hey Tenn: you can get some guidance at this facility for starters. Tell them what you've posted here.


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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your trouble but glad you are looking to provide for your own safety!

    Suggest trying many different handguns from friends or even board members in your area, go to a gun show and hold each gun to find one that feels right, keep the gun on the smaller side like a Kel-tec P32 or P3AT ($200 to $300) or a Smith and Wesson J-frame sized ($250 to 350) revolver that you can have in a pocket holster.

    Find a good basic firearms safety class and then carry instructor to learn the legal requirements in your state, learn different ways to carry a firearm and finish the legal steps to get your permit. There are many Beginner to Carry classes where you go from zero to carrying.

    Pocket carry can always be with you. Here are two of my pocket guns a Kel-tec P32 and S&W Model 60 J-frames.


    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    Welcome aboard. You've come to the right place -- there are lots of good, knowledgeable people here who can get you started down the right track.

    I strongly suggest you consider taking a firearms class as soon as possible, whether or not your state requires one for your permit. While it is (just barely) possible to teach yourself how to shoot, or to learn from helpful friends, you'll learn a lot more a lot quicker from a good class, and avoid a lot of bad habits along the way.

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