Para Nite Hawg?

Para Nite Hawg?

This is a discussion on Para Nite Hawg? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been following the banter on the site for 3 weeks now and with your recommendations and trying every pistol at my local range, ...

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Thread: Para Nite Hawg?

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    Para Nite Hawg?

    I have been following the banter on the site for 3 weeks now and with your recommendations and trying every pistol at my local range, finally made a decision.

    I had them order a Kimber Ultra CDP II. The practice pistol felt good in my hand and what a handsome pistol!

    Unfortunatley, the Kimber that they got in had a problem with the slide latch seriously sticking. They were able to get it to work by putiing a magazine in and then releasing the slide. They then told me that it would probably work itself in. Needless to say my rangemaster, with whom I have taken several classes from now, was frustrated and is indulging me with trying out many of his personal weapons (what a selection!).

    I felt that paying that much for a pistol, I should get one that worked correctly out of the box.

    The same day, a gentleman traded in his Para Nite Hawg (for a larger frame 1911). Hence my question:

    What think ye of the Para Warthog pistols. I have seen a few threads that discussed the Warthogs, but would like to hear more.

    I am still waiting on my CCW permit. I took the class 2 weeks before the tradegy in SLC (I live south of SLC), but due to the jump in CCW permit applications, I now have a few more weeks to make a decision.

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    Overall I think they rate well - but a member Eagle 5 did just recently suffer a cracked slide

    Pretty rare event I'd say but might be of interest.
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    I'd stick with the Kimber. 3' or 4' bbl CDP or a SA 4 inch champion. A Colt 3 inch defender is a good choice too
    Been seeing a lot of Paras being traded lately at the store..
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    The cracked slide P95Carry mentioned was on my Para Slim Hawg. Para is taking care of the problem for me at no cost. Up until the crack, I had no problems with the little 1911 and I found myself using it as my EDC. While there are good reviews on the Hawgs, I would make the suggestions like CLASS3NH did. The 1911s he mentions have had a better and longer track record than the Hawgs have. I am in no way dissing Para, I just think there are better choices for your first handgun.

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    I have a NiteHawg that I bought last year to be my EDC and so far I love the gun. I had a few failures to feeds up front but that was corrected by installing Wolff magazine springs (this does cut capacity of the mag down to 9). No problems since installing these springs. If you want at least 2 extra rounds (3 if you didn't need to change the springs) and the pistol feels as good in your hand as mine does to me, then I think you would be happy with it. If you are wanting a single stack pistol then, as others recommended, I would stick with a Kimber. IMHO, Kimber builds some of the best out of the box pistols going and having one malfunction like the one that came in for you is indeed a rare thing.


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    I think the Paras are excellent pistols, and considered one for my primary carry piece. I found, however, that the Kimber Ultra CDP II fit my hand a bit better than the double-stack Warthog/Nite Hawg, and I liked the features a bit better. It's definitely an anomaly to find a defective Kimber, or indeed a defective example from any of the respected manufacturers.
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    I had one, even with a nice stiff belt, every time I'd unbuckle the gun would up end and I'd have to hold the gun to keep it from flipping over. Shot great but I found it to be a little unbalanced while on the hip.

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    Stick With The Ultra...

    I love mine and it is my EDC...

    Hawgs?...and Kimbers do NOT have the same grip...
    What do YOU like?


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