Question for Sig fans?

Question for Sig fans?

This is a discussion on Question for Sig fans? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Have you sold off any of your DA/SA Sigs for the DAKs? I got to fire a few DAKs recently, but didn't have my 228s ...

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Thread: Question for Sig fans?

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    Question for Sig fans?

    Have you sold off any of your DA/SA Sigs for the DAKs?

    I got to fire a few DAKs recently, but didn't have my 228s to compare them side by side. I'm going to try and get one of my friends to the range and do a test soon.

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    To me the Sig Trigger is long Enough on the first shot.
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    I've considered it Jamie but - having gotten used now to the DA/SA feel and sequence I am gonna stick with it.

    I admit the consistency, shot to shot appeals but I am these days when shooting fast hardly aware of the first pull length.
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    Like DA/SA Sigs

    The typical Sig DA/SA trigger goes from about 10 pounds on the first, DA pull to about 4.5 pounds on following shots. The DAK trigger is about 7 or 8 pounds on all shots.

    I have two DA/SA Sigs and like this setup very much. I feel safe decocking the Sig and holstering it with no safety when the first pull is 10 pounds and fairly long. The first pull is so smooth, even at 10 pounds, that it does not really handicap accuracy if you have practiced with the gun. And the following 4.5 pound trigger pulls are very good for accurate shooting. So I am not very motivated to trade in my two Sigs for a DAK version.

    I think the double action only approach makes more sense on DA/SA H&K USP handguns, which often have a rather long, heavy and objectionable DA trigger pull. I have a USP 45f in this category, and really never use the DA trigger because it is so bad.

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    My P229 is DA/SA...and has a smooth as butter trigger straight out of the box. It's probably had about 17K rounds through it, nary a problem. I, too, am conditioned with the DA/SA action and don't have a problem decocking, holstering...and wouldn't trade it for anything.

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    Sigs seem to have a fine pull on either setup . I dont carry a sig currently but do carry a dao auto . I personally dont have a preference for a defensive handgun other than i lean to a consistent trigger pull , be it single action or dao . Of all the da/sa pistols i have shot i do consider the sig as the best when it comes to a good crisp second ect.. shot and ergonomics .
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    Not trying to steal the thread, but does anybody have any experience with the 'new' short reset triggers on the Sigs? That is my only complaint on the ones I have, both the 229 & 239 have terrible reset lengths on follow-up SA shots....
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    I sold off all my SIG's for Glocks!

    I had a P229 DAK, great gun too but I shoot better with my G-23!
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    I've got 3 SIGs, none of them DAK. I'm almost afraid to try one, I'm just a sucker for consistency.

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    My first Sig was a 229 with DAK. I sold/traded it. Later I got 2 sigs and both were DA/SA. I like shooting those better. The DAK is a good idea- after shooting both I just like the standard better.

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    No way. I like the DA/SA set up.

    But, I must admit, like Thumper, I have fallen in love with my G23. I no longer carry the Sig P239 regularly in favor of the Glock 23. I shoot it much better too.
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    I'll stick to DA/SA with my 228. Just don't feel the need to switch.
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    I like my 220's DA/SA and with all the dry fire/range time its started to really smooth out. But I like the DAK and I might be selling my DA/SA to get a 220 DAK to carry on duty.

    The 1st pull is about the same length as the DA/SA, but with the DAK it is much lighter and my 1st shot should be more accurate.
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    Nope. No way.

    The short reset might make its way into one of my guns though.
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    Why trade when you can have two? I have my 229 DAK, and I want a 229 equinox(da/sa) to sit next to it and keep it company :)

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