Looking for a Pistol Comparison Chart

Looking for a Pistol Comparison Chart

This is a discussion on Looking for a Pistol Comparison Chart within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know this has to be out there some where. I'm looking for an 'unbiased' (fat chance), chart or spread sheet that lists the different ...

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Thread: Looking for a Pistol Comparison Chart

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    Looking for a Pistol Comparison Chart

    I know this has to be out there some where. I'm looking for an 'unbiased' (fat chance), chart or spread sheet that lists the different pistols side by side. Say by subcompacts, service, and tactical. Ideally it lists weight, length, width, number of rounds in the mag, trigger pull weight, ...etc.

    Anyone seen such a list?
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    For subcompacts, the only one I've seen beyond basic reviews is: mouseguns.com . To my knowledge, though, nothing but the reviews that appear in the gun mags have all of the data you're listing. Time to go hunting, I think. Good luck!
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    I have seen one on the Internet (some forum) once, just don't recall where. Sorry.

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    Here is a pretty good one:

    Genitron Handgun Database

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    I don't know where you find one, but it's a great tool to make one up for the ones you're considering...I've done that, since I'm attentive to some specs like dimensions and weight. You can even put in a row for how it feels when gripped, rating it 1-10; or do the same for it if you've shot it.
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    You can even put in a row for how it feels when gripped, rating it 1-10; or do the same for it if you've shot it.
    That is exacly the " bugaboo " when it comes to firearms . What you think is wonderfull i may think is crap , and each of us be right , as long as we dont apply choices to others .

    That is why many of us say shoot everything , and anything you can to select an action , then we work with concealment . My personal choices maximise concealment and light weight without any real sacrificer of accuracy for my experiance at what i consider pistol distances in a defensive use . My choice wont fit everyone , only myself and folks with similar issues . For a lot more it would be a real bad choice since my chosen pistol takes a bit of knowledge and care to successfully run . Most would be far better served with a glock , xd , or other similar more forgiving platform . You see the issues of an actualy unbiased resource here , what is unbiased best for me most likely wont be for you , and its not about i am expert or not , its about we have different bodys ( including long term or short term health issues ) , lifestyles , and dress codes .
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    Thers is a small gun comparison on the Seecamp website.

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    Airborne, PM sent. Not sure about what ya can and can't mention here so sent via PM til I find out 'da rulz.

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    Cool pistol comparison website: http://www.genitron.com/Compare-Handguns/

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