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This is a discussion on Advice on impending purchase within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, new to the forum. I've been reading extensively since registering, and decided I would make a first post instead of being "another lurker". I'm ...

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Thread: Advice on impending purchase

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    Smile Advice on impending purchase

    Hi, new to the forum. I've been reading extensively since registering, and decided I would make a first post instead of being "another lurker".

    I'm looking to purchase a new handgun, although it won't be my first purchase. I did own a Ruger P94 - which I ended up "selling" to my dad a few years ago. Nothing wrong with the gun - was very dependable and a joy to shoot, just wanted some extra $ for another hobby at the time.

    Looking for a semi-auto that will serve for home defense as well as something that I can take to the range and build up my skill level. I qualified with a .45 while in the service & have a fondness for that particular caliber, although I owned the 9mm and enjoyed it as well.

    I've been going to local gun shops for the past month looking over the options and from handling those that caught my eye (and wasn't too hard on my wallet), the front-runners at this time are the Springfield XD, Ruger P345 & S&W M&P series. My budget is $500 before tax & other expenses that will have me out the door. I'm also torn between a 9mm & .45, trying to weigh the pro's & con's of each. Safety is a main concern of mine, even though I consider myself to be very responsible and have went through gun/handgun safety courses in the past.

    I know that this probably sounds like a lot of threads that have came through the forum in the past, sorry for the redundancy. I just feel as if with all of the knowledge on this board that I could get valued and honest responses that will aid me in my purchase. Thanks in advance - Steve

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    Any of the guns you are considering should work well. The M&P is still new, so some bugs may pop up with em. Caliber comes down to what you want to spend on ammo/ what you feel comfortable with. any Good HP should work , in 9mm or .45 ACP.
    Welcome to the forum.
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    I'd just get the Springfield XD .45 ACP in the new compact size that has a shorter grip and you can have a double duty gun then. The standard compact mag for carry and the longer mag you can get with it for a full size grip for at the range if you want and home defense use as well.

    Hard to beat that gun IMO for the money, capacity and it's flexability.

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    Between the three that you have narrowed down to, the XD would be my choice.
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    I would pick the one that felt best in my hand. The first two have a proven track record and the M&P series is getting good reviews, so from a reliability standpoint you should be fine.

    As for the caliber choice, pick the one you want. The differences in pistol calibers is pretty slight. 9mm is definitely cheaper than .45, so if you plan on shooting a lot, it might be the way to go. For the record, I carry a .45, so I'm not trying to start a caliber war.
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    I have looked at the XD compact model, but just didn't like the feel as well as the standard full size. The one dealer that has been the most helpful and cordial has a request list - which I put my name down for a XD45 tactical - but I am 4-5 down on the list. I know the XD's, especially in the tactical model, are very popular and he stated that he had not had a XD45 tactical in his shop in well over a month. He currently has a XD45 service in the bi-tone/stainless for $525 which really has my eye though. I've thought about going to a larger dealer/store, but really want to support the locals in this case, as I believe I would receive better customer service after the sell.

    Of the three I mentioned, the XD had the best feel for me. I am considering purchasing my carry license once I feel competent enough in myself and have experience, which the P345 seemed (at least to me) to be the better option - although I'm not sure the XD wouldn't be just as good if not better.

    I would like to mention that I find this to be a great forum and is by far the best of its kind that I have found on the web. The fact that everyone isn't biased towards one manufacturer or caliber-choice makes for great advice and reading.

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    Thumbs up

    Welcome to the forum... & wise choice on deciding to join in and participate. Now please continue to do so.

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    From your post it seems budget is important. From that alone I would look at the 9MM. Today at Wallmart I bought the following WWB 100 round packs in California.

    45ACP $26.97
    40S&W $19.98
    9MM $14.56

    You can get a lot more practice and fun done with the 9MM and with the proper SD loads you will be good to go!

    That being said I would look at the S&W M&P 9MM. Or check out the Glocks too. G19 is one you should check out. Look for either online to stay near your $500 budget!

    Good luck!

    BTW if you plan on CCW later look at the M&P Compact. The G19 will be good to go in that respect. Oh don't forget to shoot al of them before choosing!

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    S&W M&P in 9mm

    It sounds as if you want an all purpose gun, as you mentioned home defense, range use and eventual concealed carry. As for your caliber choice of 9mm vs. 45, this is a matter of personal preference and each one has some advantages and disadvantages. I would bet that you will eventually own two guns, one in each caliber. So the one you pick now may not be important in the long run.

    I would personally start with the 9mm and add the 45 later, as the 9mm is easier to shoot because of less recoil, and will allow you to develop your skills at lower ammo cost. The 9mm is also quite adequate for your defensive use, if you pick the right hollowpoint ammo for that.

    Of the three guns you mentioned I would favor the S&W M&P model in 9mm. I believe it has the best combination of features and good looks of the three.

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    If you're comfortable shooting the .45 I would stick with that. Just personal preference. I did some informal comparison testing of the relative penetration of .45 and 9mm a few weeks ago. Shot a few taped-together phonebooks (around 4-5" thick) with 8 rounds of 9mm then 8 rounds of 45 (in a different area). The 9mm bulged out the back, the .45 turned it into confetti. Granted, I make no claim to the scientific veracity of this 'test'. But, that .45 did a hell of a lot more damage than the 9mm.

    My favorite handgun in .45 is the 1911, but that's a bit out of your price range. Next on the list is the Springfield XD-45. My Dad has a 5" model and it's a beauty. It shoots just as well as my 1911 and so far has been dead reliable. I would be perfectly comfortable carrying one.
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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    9MM is cheaper to shoot, while the 45 is a great choice, but more costly. Th eone thing you could consider is a 22 conversion kit for the 1911 series guns, and the glocks. The XD is a great choice as well. The Smith M&P seires comes with a "personal security kit" like the XD (holster, mag pouch, loader) and the M&P is a pretty impressive Pkg too. as well as the XD. Can't go wrong with their XD 45 Compact series also ( the XD Compact in the 45 is a REALLY NICE gun)
    Don't rule out all the USED stuff out there, as people do buy new, only to trade in a short time later, and besides, you'll save a lot of money for more goodies on your purchase. I rarley buy new, as I'm two things, knowledgeable about pricing, and cheap LOL. Get as much quality gun/accys as you can, for the money you're allowed to spend.
    Good luck, and let us know what you're looking at.
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    First, welcome to the forum.

    I haven't see the "classic" answer here, at least in so many words. If you have a range near you that will rent weapons try going there and shooting the widest variety that you can. You never know what you're going to end up liking. I haven't seen either SIG or Glock mentioned either, maybe because of price, but many folks here use one of those. (I'm more a SIG lover, and don't own a Glock)

    Anyhow, if at all possible........ test drive!!

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    from Central Florida!

    I am not familiar with any of your present choices...
    the Springfield XD, Ruger P345 & S&W M&P series

    I do believe that they are guns...

    However, Kimber and Glock might still light up your doorstep?


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    I agree with rstickle. If you are able to rent the guns, try them.
    I don't have any of the guns on your list. But I have heard good things about all of them.
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