early bday gift

early bday gift

This is a discussion on early bday gift within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; well guys i have to say i have a wonderful wife that likes to spoil me. She went and put a new toy on layaway ...

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Thread: early bday gift

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    early bday gift

    well guys i have to say i have a wonderful wife that likes to spoil me. She went and put a new toy on layaway for me. It is a brand-spanking new Smith and Wesson 1911PD with the CT grips. it has the 4 1/4" barrel. It sure is a beauty. Cant wait to get to play with it. Anyone have one of these? From what i have read heard only good things. If any of you got one let me know what you think.

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    Congrats i had one when it was the 1911SC then they changed it to PD if ya search ya should be able to bring up posts

    It was one of the first 500 i think

    Ihad lots of problems so ya might not wanna search btu thats been at least 2-3 years ago

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    That's a nice looking pistol!! Happy BD!

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    Nice Toy...

    Your wife knows how to treat a big, 'little boy'...hope she continues the process...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    My birthday is in one week. It's times like this I'm sorry I'm still single! I have to buy my own toys! Treasure that woman and happy birthday!
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    Happy B-dy!!!

    and congrats!!

    I've been marrid for almost 28 years and my wife still....

    Oh well - treasure and protect her...

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    Nice looking firearm and obviously a nice wife too. Congrats.

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    It looks great! How it shoots matters more than how it looks, ofcourse... But I realy like the color combination. The bi-tone is nice, and it looks to have all the xtras.

    I think our wives should talk!

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    Dont own one but have shot one , Loved the pistol , Hated the grips . Not only are they tacky synthetic ( tacky enough to bother me ) but the lazer pod interferes with the high grip i use . Dammed accurate commander sized handgun imho tho that fed even junk reloads ( mixed bullet style and powder ect.. just dumped into a bag and mag loaded with what you pulled out ) when i shot it . Note that the accuracy impression comes from factory ammo , not the bag of reloaded crap that needed shot up lol .
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    Nice gun. You are one lucky devil who has a heck of a great wife there.

    You better get her something nice to pay her back.
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    well she got a laptop for her birthday so she is far from needing....lol. a few years ago she got me my kimber ultra carry II =o)

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