My thoughts on the S&W M&P

My thoughts on the S&W M&P

This is a discussion on My thoughts on the S&W M&P within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Alright - I finally got one of these for myself. After shooting many rounds through the M&P series - through six different M&P handguns - ...

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Thread: My thoughts on the S&W M&P

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    My thoughts on the S&W M&P

    Alright - I finally got one of these for myself. After shooting many rounds through the M&P series - through six different M&P handguns - I have taken the plunge.

    With my own personal M&P I have shot it one handed, limp wristed, sideways, upside down, in every position I could think of - and I haven't been able to get it to malf. I can't say that about my Glocks - as anyone who has ever been around Glocks is well aware of Glock's inability to properly function if one doesn't have a firm wrist. Especially when teaching new shooters on the Glock - particularly females and small statured males.

    When my 8 year old son shoots a Glock - it will malf at least once or twice per mag. He is not big/strong enough to hold it more firm. He ALWAYS uses a firm two hand hold with the Glock. EVERYTIME he tries one handed - the Glock malfs. EVERYTIME.

    OTOH - he can shoot the M&P one handed with ZERO malfunctions.

    What this means to me is if my hand/arm is hurt/partially disabled - I *KNOW* my M&P will run. I have doubts about the Glock in circumstances like that.

    The M&P seems to be immune from limp wristing. That is good.

    I have only put 500 training rounds through my own personal M&P - as well as a 100 of my carry rounds (Win Ranger RA40T). My M&P is SCARY accurate. More accurate than ANY of my Glocks - no matter the barrel length. My M&P is almost as accurate as an match tuned 1911.

    Trigger pull is heavier/longer than I really like - the good thing with the M&P is the trigger is able to be adjusted by a smith to create a shorter length of pull and a shorter reset as well as a lighter trigger pull. I will send mine off to get a trigger job in the next few months.

    Having said that - the trigger pull is not excessively long nor hard. The reset on my M&P is discernible - although I have shot a few M&P's whose reset was less discernible than mine - and I have shot M&P's that have had a more discernible reset than mine.

    Recoil *seems * to be less than that of the Glock series. I shot my M&P with my Glock 23, G22 and G35 - and the M&P has less muzzle flip than either the G23 and G22 - it was about on par with the G35. I was able to get faster splits with my M&P than the G23 or G22.

    I *REALLY* like the fact that the trigger doesn't stay back after pulling it in dry fire mode like the Glock does. This allows me to practice multiple trigger pulls during dry fire practice. Yeah - it will only drop the striker once - and after that the trigger is pulled without any sound - but that is OK with me! I don't need to hear the striker fall with every trigger pull - I just need my finger to pull the trigger without moving the sights. So the M&P makes it easier to dry fire than the Glock.

    The M&P *feels* better in my hand. It is more ergonomic for me.

    Another point that is important to me is that S&W doesn't have the elitist attitude Springfield Armory and Ruger do about spare parts.

    Every spare part for the S&W M&P is available through Brownells and others - so stocking up on spares is no problem.

    Glocks are 100% reliable.

    M&P's are 100% reliable.

    Glock's chambers in .40 are not fully supported (while in 9mm and .45 they are)

    M&P's chambers in .40 ARE fully supported (as well as in 9mm and .45)

    Glock spare parts are available.

    M&P spare parts are available.

    Glock has excellent customer service.

    M&P has excellent customer service.

    Glock's has one frame/grip style.

    M&P comes with three interchangable backstraps to fit to the shooter.

    The only thing I didn't like about my M&P was the "beavertail".

    Here is picture of a M&P as it comes from the factory.

    Well - after a few minutes with Mr. Dremel tool - followed by a fine file - I have removed the "beavertail" from my M&P.

    My hand isn't delicate - it is more on the "beefy" side - but after holding the M&P it was clear to me that my hand would never contact the end of the beavertail. Also - S&W removed the beavertail from the compact model - so I used a picture of the compact model as a guide and removed the beavertail. Now it "prints" less for CCW.

    I have been singing the praises of Glock since my first 1st Gen G17 back in 1987 - it has been my "go to" type pistol for twenty years. However - for my needs - the S&W M&P is simply a better a pistol. It has all the assets of the Glock - plus none of the liabilities.

    So - my Glocks have now been titled as "safe queens" - that I will hand down to my children as they get old enough to get CCW permits.

    I will be acquiring a Compact M&P 40 next month - and full size and compact M&P 9 in the months following - and I will sell my custom Springfield 1911 to get the M&P .45 too.

    The assimilation has begun.

    As a closing note - it does feel odd singing the praises of S&W (their previous attempts at auto’s has been less than stellar) - but it also feels GOOD to sing the praises of one of the oldest American firearm makers no only equaling but actually beating the Europeans at their own game!

    BTW - I carry this in a ComTac C.T.A.C.


    tire iron

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    Nice write up. never heard of Glock malf. , but I don't own one either. Glad the M&P is looking so good for you.
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    good write up

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    Nice write up! I want the compact in 40.

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    I've taken my bor and some of his friends shooting from time to time. Some of his friends are new to shooting, and when I let them shoot my glocks, I've experienced some of the 'limp wristing' issues your talking about. The problem I've seen when they didn't hold the pistol right was failure to eject. But I still stand behind a glock. Handled right, I think they are the most effective defense pistols on the market.

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    Tire Iron,

    I totally agree with your findings, 100%.
    especially the part about how accurate it is as stock relative to a tuned 1911.

    - Janq
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    I love to see positive reviews of this pistol. I own two, but I always feel I am biased since they are my first pistols. It is great to see that others love theirs as well. Nice Review.

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    Good write up. I like the M&Ps overall and I like seeing S&W come out swinging a homerun. I like what you did with the beavertail.
    The Glock limp wristing malfs usually seem to be certain 9mms. The 4 .40 Glocks I've owned would work no matter how you held them, same with a couple G26s.

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    I looked at one. I really like the compact models. I like the mods does on them.

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    Tire iron, excellent writeup on the M&P. I have a fullsize M&P9 and love it. It is reliable, comfortable, and accurate beyond my current abilities (I'm working on this). While I do not own any Glocks, I have had experience with them. I never personally encountered any malfunctions or failures. That isn't to say I believe the Glock is flawless, or the M&P for that matter. Over time, I think the M&P will develop the same reputation the Glock has.

    The M&P definitely matches better with my hand than a Glock does, but not as well as the 1911. For a polymer gun, I think the M&P is a solid package.

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    I agree with tire iron about the beaver tail on the MP. It looks out of place. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I never thought about cutting it off. Maybe the factory will modify the guns at a later date.

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    i do not have a m&p but i was very close to buying one. i really liked it a lot but in the end i just love my 1911's too much right now =O) maybe later i will end up with one to replace my xd. that is just a matter of time to get the money together. glad to hear that you like your m&p so much.

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    Good write up.

    I was trying to decide between a M & P .40 (either full sized or compact) or a Glock 23. I went with the G23. So far I love it and have not had any issues with any type of malfunctions. I have tried limp wristing it and still it has not malfunctioned for me in any way.

    I do like the grip on the M&P better but, with the reputation the Glock has, I just decided to go with it and give the M&P line another year or two to mature and work out any remaining bugs before I plunk down my money for one. Since then, I have decided that it will be the .40 compact that I buy if I get one. I am also eyeing a G27.
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    Glad you like it i sure know i like my M&P 9mm compact. Great guns!!!


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    Two Questions...

    Has anyone actually seen a M&P .45 acp w/manual safety FOR SALE anywhere? I've got the "gun money" burning a hole in my jeans!

    Has anyone heard if the S&W M&P manual safety can be retrofitted to existing 9mm or .40 (Full Size) M&Ps? If I'm gonna' get the trigger tuned to 3.5 lbs. and shorten the reset...I would prefer a manual (thumb) safety (yes, I AM a old 1911/Hi-Power dinosaur, thank you very much).

    I WILL HAVE the first .40 or .45 S&W M&P I see with the factory thumb safety.
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