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Night Sights??

This is a discussion on Night Sights?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i have mepros and trijicons on all my guns now and since they still glow im leaving them gary had me try a set of ...

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Thread: Night Sights??

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    i have mepros and trijicons on all my guns now and since they still glow im leaving them

    gary had me try a set of tru glo on my g23 for my dept and wow wow best i have used in all light conditions

    my dept wont let me use them have to go mepro or trijicons but even the instructors like the truglo better for real world use

    spend the extra few $$$ its worth it once my sights dim they will be replaced with truglos


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    Quote Originally Posted by Taurus 2006 View Post
    Ok sorry for the Hassle. Next time I will start a new thread. Jeff.
    no problem, you really will have better luck with your own thread, will get more attention to your specific model of firearm
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    Meprolights are the only ones on all my handguns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCMO View Post
    I had the chance to fire a rental weapon with these sights. Once you master the learning curve, they work well. However... I did not find them as fast as the XS Express 24/7 Big Dot Tritium. That sight picture was much quicker to establish for me. I have installed the XS sights on all my defensive firearms now.

    I think my problem with the SureSights was that I was spending more effort focusing on the rear sight to get the "triangle" lined up perfectly. I don't think I conciously pay attention to the "stick" on the "lollipop" when establishing the XS sight picture.
    Yikes, forgot about this thread. Thanks for your response. That is interesting to hear that there is a bit of a learning curve. I was hoping to hear that they would be quick to pick up and still allow very accurate shooting. The XS big dot sight looks good. How is your 25 yard shooting accuracy with those? Does it suffer (I understand that you use the 12 o'clock tip of the big dot at that range)?

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    I wouldn't try to use these sights at 25 yards with a handgun. They do a great job of quick acquisition at defensive ranges, but the front sight is too large for me to get a good picture at 25 yards. They "work" (that is, I've learned to compensate), but I would not use them for competition at that range.

    On the other hand, I have the same front sight on my shotgun, and I can put slugs down range with no trouble.

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