Big guy in need of small gun

Big guy in need of small gun

This is a discussion on Big guy in need of small gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am a big guy (5'11" 300 lbs) - okay I am a FAT guy. I work a job that sometimes places me at risk ...

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Thread: Big guy in need of small gun

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    Big guy in need of small gun

    I am a big guy (5'11" 300 lbs) - okay I am a FAT guy. I work a job that sometimes places me at risk when traveling through areas that are not the best places to live. I need to wear business attire (dockers, shirt and tie), when in the office and on the road. I need something small, easily concealable.

    I prefer something subcompact size and thin (which puts glocks out). I also want to go no smaller than a 9mm as I just don't feel comfortable with a .380 (I don't want to tickle them, I want to stop them).

    I need something reliable, small, thin, and easily concealable.

    Suggestions? Making my shoping list, and will hopefully try before I buy.

    As pointed out below I didn't state my mode of carry, I am open on this as well, looking at all posibilities. Price Range up to $800
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    Springfield has some pretty neat compact, subcompact 1911 style pistols. They also put out the EMP in 9 and .40 short and weak, the barell I believe is about three inches and it's very narrow.

    Then there is Sprinfield XD Line.

    There are guys that swear by their Kahr and Kel-Tec on this site, but I haven't handled either one.

    A snubbie would be good also.
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    SKYY firearms, Model MPX-9 9MM, lenght 5.3", height 3.65",
    width .80, weight 12 oz, 6 + 1 capacity, MSRP-389.00, was to be released in spring, web site still doesn't show it, and I haven't seen one in person either, check web site at
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    If you don't want to get into .380 (Kel-tec). Kahr makes some very nice, very small, compact autos in 9mm and .40SWthat get good reviews. I balked at price at first but they do have an "economy line" that a local dealer showed me that is substantially less expensive. I couldn't find it on their web site so you may have to ask your local guy.
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    Kahrs are thin guns in 9mm

    Quote Originally Posted by DMan View Post
    I prefer something subcompact size and thin (which puts glocks out). I also want to go no smaller than a 9mm as I just don't feel comfortable with a .380 (I don't want to tickle them, I want to stop them). I need something reliable, small, thin, and easily concealable.
    I believe I understand your requirements, although you didn't mention your planned mode of carry, which might also influence your choice. I presume you are thinking about either pocket carry or tuckable inside the waistband carry. With pocket carry the weight of the gun becomes more important, as well as the dimensions of the gun. If wearing in a tuckable IWB style on the belt, weight is less important but the thin profile of the gun is quite important.

    One of the thinnest brands of semiautos is Kahr, and these are available in 9mm, .40 and .45 calibers with either polymer or steel frames and various barrel and grip lengths. The absolute smallest Kahr is the PM9, a polymer framed 9mm gun that is short enough to fit in a pocket, and only about 0.9 inches thick through the slide and grip. It is also lightweight, weighing about 16 ounces empty, and holds 6+1 rounds of 9mm.

    If you are considering belt carry in an IWB tuckable holster, I would go with a larger Kahr with steel frame such as the K9 model, which is all stainless steel weighing about 25 ounces and holding 7+1 rounds, but still quite thin and compact for concealment. The weight of the steel gun makes handling recoil much easier, yet it is light enough for easy belt carry:

    If going with the Kahr K9, I'd get a tuckable holster like this one from HBE Leather, the Pro TL with offset belt loop:

    HBE Leather holsters

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    Kel-tec P11 or the new PF9 (if you can find one) fits your requirements.
    Compact and thin.

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    I don't own but have shot some of the small 9 mm Kahrs and was favorably impressed. Even smaller would be one of these

    The new Springfield EMP 9mm would carry nice in a tuckable holster as well.
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    I'm a "Pleasingly Plump" guy myself.

    You may find that a small frame revolver in a good holster is
    just as easy to conceal as a small auto.

    5 shots of .38/.357 will handle MOST social situations.
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    The Kel-Tec P11 or PF9 would fit your requirements and not break the bank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsrule View Post
    5 shots of .38/.357 will handle MOST social situations.
    Being 5'-9" and 220, I wouldn't call myself fat, more like "shapely" .

    I would agree with AKs on the 38/357 revo. Personally i would sway more to the .357 snubbie (wider variety of rounds, from .38 up to .357). I won't even get in to whose to buy, as that tends to stirr up a hornets nest just about anywhere you go.

    There are some great pocket holsters, and some great belt holsters. You may find several carry methods that you are comfortable with.

    That is the bane of fullsize guns. They are easier to shoot, but not nearly as flexible as their smaller counterparts.

    If you want an auto, look at the Kahrs and Kel-Tecs. They may not hold their value as well as some others, but I think that is more a problem of their realtive obscurity than it is their quality.
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    Take a look at the S&W CS9. It's thin, light weight, 9mm, and conceals easily. Good luck with your search. Regards 18DAI.

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    Don't Count Glock Out...

    a Glock-36 is a single stack and the only Glock with a grip I feel comfortable with...

    My EDC, however, is a Kimber Ultra...easy to conceal...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    S&W M&P 9c or 40c (or soon, 357 Sig compact).

    Light, easy conceal, shoots very well for a "small" gun

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    Kahr PM9. Great gun. Check it out- Kahrs are not for everyone, as they are very, very tight and have a few quirks.

    But it would be ideal for your application.
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    D Man, I would check out a small revolver. I have a 1960's Colt Detective Special in 38. It's small, light and Colt still makes them. I find small semi auto's difficult to clear when they jam. A revolver goes CLICK!! and you just squeeze again to get to the next round. Chances are the bad round will fire next time. Like all guns though it's all about what YOU like and what fits your hands and needs. Good Luck.

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