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Thoughts/opinions on USPc...

This is a discussion on Thoughts/opinions on USPc... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a USPc .40 and a USPf .40. The compact is my carry gun. It is the most comfortable, reliable pistol I've ever owned. ...

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Thread: Thoughts/opinions on USPc...

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    Hooked on HK

    I have a USPc .40 and a USPf .40. The compact is my carry gun. It is the most comfortable, reliable pistol I've ever owned. It shoots straight and has been 100% reliable with about 2000 rounds fired. I highly recommend it. I carry in a K&D IWB.

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    I have one as an issued weapon and have over 20K through it. It wouldn't be my first choice (if I had a choice), but it's what I use. I would do some research on whether it has the modified firing pin installed. HK had "issues" with the old style pin breaking. (mine included) Overall I have found it to be a reliable tool.

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    Glad someone likes them otherwise they'd go out of business, LOL. Just dont feel good in my hands and they are a far shot from the P7, but if it fits your hand and you shoot it well go for it, unless your a shooter that puts lots of rounds down range (I'm talking 10K a year or so).
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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    I have a USP Compact in 40 cal, and I do carry/shoot it quite often. The one thing I had to change is to place a pachmyer slip-on grip on the gripframe so I'd have a better grip on the handgun. it works flawlessly PS don't mind the "spreadsheet" of the rounds fired. I was in a slight hurry to see how the gun worked, as I was more interested in FTF and FTE
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    I own a USPc.40 LEM and love it. My duty gun is a P2000 .40 LEM and it too is super. Total reliability. I carry the P2k 99% of the time (agency firearms policy) and find it excellent. I use the large grip on the P2k but if you have small hands try the small grip.

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    USP compact in .40S&W.....never had it fail on feed jams, stove-pipes, etc.....never....had about 1500 round through it. Glocks have jammed on me, my Kimber 1911 has had a failure of some type once or twice, same w/ my 92f.....but never the H&K...

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    i know a LEO friend who carries one in .40 (yes its the compact) he seems to like it pretty well.
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    I have yet to own one, but have wanted one for awhile. Im going to replace the G37 I just sold for something In 45. I can't decided between the uspc or the new compact sigs. I already have a sig p229 in 9mm so I think I'll go for the usp, everyone seems to like them.

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    I'm pretty biased when it comes the USPc. I have both a .40 cal and a .357 Sig. I have never had a single malfunction with either one. Both have well over 2500 + rounds through them. I really like the fact that I can carry the HK cocked and locked or with the hammer down. The trigger is very easy to master and they are extremely accurate. Lastly, I always know that when I pull the trigger its going to go bang.

    In my collection, I have several Sigs, S&W's, Kimbers, a Glock and a Kahr. The HK is always my go to gun and by far the best one out there (for me at least:)).
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    Hey, doesn't JACK BAUER use a USPc? 9mm, 40 or 45, I wonder?

    I love my USPf 45 but with the gunlight on the rail, it's a dedicated HD gun, maybe for trips, too. But it's no longer a carry gun. These days, I'm more of a Sig fanatic. But either 45 or the 9mm. For a 40 I'll stick with my Glock M27.
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    I've owned the .45 compact and while it was a VERY accurate weapon, I had a couple of problems with it.

    1. It Bites.

    I have large hands and magazine changes required significant grip change to not get the palm of my hand pinched between the bottom of the grip and the top of the base plate on the mag. Bleeding and pain when making mag changes is what I try to avoid. The USPc was simply too small for me.

    2. The Magazine Release.

    After DECADES of pushing in, now I have to push down. Why?

    Under stress I was pushing in, and nothing was happening.

    So, bye-bye USPc.

    Try before you buy.
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    I have a pair of XDs which I loved and then I picked up a 1911 Kimber that I am dearly in love with. I thought I would get something that had single action on it - and so I picked up a USP .40 compact and I love it. No problems after the first couple hundred rounds and adjusting my grip on it. Quite accurate and I am very happy with it.

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    Thanks for all of the feedback, folks. I had the opportunity to pick up a NIB USPc .40 with night sights for $600, so I went ahead and did so. The only down side was that it only came with 2 10-round magazines, so I'll have to pick up some more. I'm looking forward to getting in some range time. It feels great in the hand and I hope it shoots just as well. Again, thanks for all of the advice. Now I have to find some good leather....
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    That's a pretty good deal! Now just replace those Clinton clips and you're good.

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    I have USPc40, USPc357 & USP45CT.
    I love them!
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