Thoughts/opinions on USPc...

Thoughts/opinions on USPc...

This is a discussion on Thoughts/opinions on USPc... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I handled (briefly) a USPc today in 40S&W. I have small hands and I was impressed with how comftable the grip felt. I'm pretty much ...

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Thread: Thoughts/opinions on USPc...

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    Thoughts/opinions on USPc...

    I handled (briefly) a USPc today in 40S&W. I have small hands and I was impressed with how comftable the grip felt. I'm pretty much a 100% Sig shooter (with a couple of Glocks in the stable as well) and I don't have any experience with the USPc. For that matter, I don't even personally know anybody who owns one. If I were to seriously consider getting one, it would be in either 40 or 357. I would be interested in a little feedback from those of you who like, and dislike, them. Obviously, a lot of it is strictly subjective (grip angle, fit in hand, etc), but any feedback on reliability, accuracy, company support, etc, would be appreciated.
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    I carry a USPc .40, and like it a bunch...
    I've lost track of how many rounds have gone through it (multiple thousands... ) and have never experienced a failure of any kind. It's a great pointer in my hand and very accurate.

    The only complaint I have with it is the rough texture of the grip next to bare skin when wearing IWB. I usually wear a t-shirt or "wife-beater" under the cover garment, and it rides comfortably.

    Highly recommended!
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    I've never owned one or dealt with them so take this with a grain of salt...

    I've heard from others that H&K's customer service sucks. Unless you're Military or LEO they treat you like a second-class citizen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Team American View Post
    The only complaint I have with it is the rough texture of the grip

    I have found the grip texture to be very uncomfortable when shooting. This is the only firearm I have experienced this with. Guess you have to shoot it before you can tell if it will bother you or not.

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    I like mine

    I've had a USPc in .40 caliber for about 2 years, and like it very much. The gun has been reliable and accurate for me, and its light weight (24 ounces empty) makes it very easy to carry. I also have a Sig P229 in .40 which has about the same dimensions, but weighs 8 ounces more than the USP because of the Sig's all metal construction.

    Regarding H&K customer service - you probably won't need to use them because the gun is so sturdy and reliable. And I personally don't find the grip texture excessively rough.

    Here is what mine looks like, and my favorite holster for it, a Kramer horsehide belt scabbard:

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    Ive owned and extensively fired an HK USPc45 and a Tactical, also chambered in 45 acp. Exceptional reliability, accuracy and manageability. Can't speak of their CS Dept as the need to get them involved never arose.

    My one and only "soft" complaint was the concealability of the USPc45. A little too thick for comfortable concealment, at least for me.

    Otherwise, an exceptional CCW!
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    I had a USPc45, try out a P2000sk - it feels way better in the hand than the USPc line.

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    I chose a USP/c in .40 for my carry gun, and haven't had a single regret about it.

    They're simple to break down, easy to operate, lightweight, and pretty compact. When I was making my choice, I compared it to a P229, XD40, P99, and G23, and the USP just felt better. If you prefer DA/SA, go with the USP. If you like a striker, try the P2000.

    Team American is right about the grip texture. I always wear a wife-beater, though, so it doesn't bother me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team American View Post
    I've lost track of how many rounds have gone through it (multiple thousands... ) and have never experienced a failure of any kind.
    +1 on that! I've got over a thousand rounds through my USPc .45 without a single failure. I love this gun!

    Regarding the rough grip, it doesn't really bother me, but I know a lot of USP owners put a Hogue Handall on the grip.

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    I have a USPc 9mm and a P2000sk 9mm -- both well made, reliable, and both have great ergonomics.

    Go for it.

    If you already have a few firearms and you're just adding to your collection, you may want to wait until the H&K P30 is released in .40 S&W.


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    + 1 on the uspc...mine was a 9mm but it was one of the best i've ever had

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    add me to the list for thumbs up for the USPc!

    I've got them in 40, 357 and 45!
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    The USP's are good quality guns. They shoot nice and are accurate.

    The bad part about them are their maker. HK stinks as a company to deal with. They do treat you like dirt, parts are super expensive if you can find them, and mags or anything else needed will cost you your first born. Just call them up and ask them a question... if someone is willing to stoop down off their throne, they will be happy to tell you that their poo does not stink.
    The pistols are far over priced for what they are, but I guess thats the price you pay if you want to carry the gun thats in all the video games and movies.
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    I have a USP Compact in .40S&W and find it to be an excellent gun. As others have mentioned the grip texture is rough, but I understand why it's designed that way. I have a Hogue Handall grip on it and it's extremely comfortable like that. I like that it can be carried Cocked and Locked and the control lever makes sense to me (Up is safe, Horizontal is Fire, Down is Decock). I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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