Beretta 9000s Range Report

Beretta 9000s Range Report

This is a discussion on Beretta 9000s Range Report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The Gun: A Beretta 9000s DA/SA 12+1 Type-F 9mm (used $300 OTD) The Ammo Used: Winchester WWB 9mm 115gr FMJ 250 rounds General Feel of ...

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Thread: Beretta 9000s Range Report

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    Beretta 9000s Range Report

    • The Gun: A Beretta 9000s DA/SA 12+1 Type-F 9mm (used $300 OTD)

    • The Ammo Used: Winchester WWB 9mm 115gr FMJ 250 rounds

    • General Feel of the Gun: 9/10 One of the big complaints of the gun I've heard was that the grip was too big. Well honestly I like it, It keeps my hands planted on the gun and only allows my trigger finger to move while keeping my thumbs lined up. The gun is up to typical Beretta quality, seems well machined and for being used shows only a little wear on the outside of the barrel, otherwise looks brand new. It's a little heavy, but feels balanced.

    • Action: 7.0/10 The SA trigger pull is the best I've ever shot, smooth, short, and almost buttery. That being said the DA trigger pull is absolute crap, it seems like it never breaks and gets stiffer and stiffer as you keep pulling and pulling. Luckily I'm a cocked and locked kinda guy so this doesn't bother me. The slide racks as smooth as butter. The saftey is very easy to click off when you draw and thank God goes down like a 1911. But is a PITA to click back on with one thumb, takes some practice.

    • Shooting Feel: 10/10 The recoil is light and the gun performed flawlessly. Not a jam or any issues, and I put this gun through the wringer. I rapid fired it, and did some double tap/reload drills. It's a real pleasure to shoot

    • Accuracy: 9/10 I was able to blow the 10 ring out at 10yrds. Not until 15yrds did I start getting a couple strays. Quick follow up shot shots were a cinch. Very accurate for its size

    • Dissasembly and Cleaning: 10/10 This is probally the easiset pistol out there to take down. I read on alot of forums about how hard it was to press the latch down. Well for all the tools who didn't read the manual (in fact engraved on the gun is "Read the Manual Before Use"). You press the other side of the latch(called the dissasembly button) in and twist the latch at the same time. When you're done put slide back on and the lever locks itself back in place for you. Easy as pie.

    • Overall: 9/10 Its value is unmatched and really the only quirk to me was the saftey switch. Its hard to find a holster for, so I'm having one made. Here are some pictures of it next to my PT145 for size comparison. It's a little thicker, but the short grip seems to have less chance of making a "print" while wearing. It will become my EDC once my holster is done and I figure out which kind of 9mm carry ammo to use. I guess all the things I read about it were true, you either love it or hate it, plus it's one sweet looking gun. If you don't mind owning a "Red-headed step child", you can't beat a real Italian made CCW sized Beretta for the price"

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    Very nice review!

    Good job!!
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