Scratching an itch - Bersa Thunder 380 out, Sig P225A1 in. :)

Scratching an itch - Bersa Thunder 380 out, Sig P225A1 in. :)

This is a discussion on Scratching an itch - Bersa Thunder 380 out, Sig P225A1 in. :) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Been a while for me between posts, but I've been busy. ;) I have been shooting a bunch, but mostly lately I'm focused on our ...

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Thread: Scratching an itch - Bersa Thunder 380 out, Sig P225A1 in. :)

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    Scratching an itch - Bersa Thunder 380 out, Sig P225A1 in. :)

    Been a while for me between posts, but I've been busy. ;)

    I have been shooting a bunch, but mostly lately I'm focused on our move to California later this month. :) (Skip the "OMG, why?!" lectures please - there is more to life than extended range mags and models of pistols. ;) Like sunshine, fun roads for motorcycles and a sportscar, owning a business, did I mention the weather?, fresh food, access to new areas to me for offroading, hiking, and so the list goes on... )

    But all that's blah, blah, just wanna know about the guns, right? (Or maybe you don't care at all...which is fine, too.)

    I have 12 pistols in the safe right now.

    HK VP9, Walther PPQ M2, CZ-75 D PCR, Walther PPS, M&P Shield, FNH FNS 9c, Sig Sauer STX, SO Range Officer Champion 9mm (tuned by the Custom Shop), Walther P38 (1963), Browning Hi-Power, Sig Sauer P230 SL and a Bersa Thunder 380.

    I managed an almost perfect overlap with the Walther PPS and M&P Shield, but you know what? I really like BOTH pistols and I'm reluctant to part with either - and they were each so low priced as to make moving one out unworthy from a trade-in POV.

    I can hear some of you know..."But, if the Bersa is going out, and the new Sig coming in, surely you're not expecting much on trade there?" and you'd be right on the, or lack of money, as the case may be. ;)

    See, I like the Bersa - it is an excellent pistol, but that Sig P230 SL was what I wanted all along in the range of a Walther PPK design. Now that I have it, the little Bersa gets no love. Sitting there, oiled and waiting a chance to hurl cute little 380 ACP rounds at the big-bad paper monster hanging in the range.

    So it's with slight misgivings that I shall trade it against the new Sig and take whatever my guy offers me for it. The trade value will likely cover the taxes, which will be nice.

    As for the new Sig...hubba hubba. :) I keep saying it's "new" but really it ain't much different from the P225 from the 70's and 80's. Still, I lust, I want and must have!

    Pics to follow. :)
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    Stupid imop

    The new Sig only takes "sepcial mags " good luck on that and paying 50 bucks each for them ..At least the old ones were cheep . I like the grips and SRT on the new 225 but I rather have a 239 over it ..Feels better

    Also not to add on to your suck ..But buy all the guns now pre moving ..You can legally bring them into CA as long as modded to be legal and not on the ban list ..

    I think you can still bring in a AK or AR etc handgun with a bullet button

    With SSE the handguns list in CA is dead withing 10-15 years there will be no legal semi auto on list handguns just saying

    So buy what ever you want now

    No XDM or XDS are on list ..No glock gen 4 on list .. Most non 45 1911 are not on list ..PPSm2 of course ...

    Also in case you dont know no .410 handguns are allow in CA ..

    Also read the transport and such laws ..If you move to LA etc you have to have it locked up if not in use .. And transport will such as do most ranges ..Dont forget the lead free ammo to shoot outdoors

    And good luck finding 10 round mags for some of the guns ...That will suck

    Really read the list of what is left and buy all you can

    You have 60 days I think before you have to tell the DOJ about all the guns you have

    Buying a handgun there sucks so do it now

    Ditto ammo ..If they get there way you will need a permit to buy it there so get it now cheep

    Also note that CA taxs sucks and there are packed full of silly nanny states laws ..Be ready for all that crap ..

    Oh and a CCW yeah good luck on that ..Unless you are going to a north part of the state you will not get one ..La etc that will not give one and to get one sucks

    Oh and have fun with the knife laws and such

    Oh and have fun with the rifle laws ..Hope you like bullet buttons and having to jam a pen into the gun to force the mag out .... C&R guns yeah nope not happing either

    But hey it is pretty and you can swim and ski in the same day ..Oh wait they are in a massive drought no snow so sorry ...

    God help you ..
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    LOL - well, good to see you've got a positive view on life, WRR. :D

    Some of your advice may have been useful 6 months ago, but today? Yeah, I'm up to date on the rules and how they apply. Did you know it's possible to find a nice home in a county where they support CCW at the local Sheriff's office? Yup...which is why I researched exactly that before we signed for our home. ;)

    I have little care about rifles and knives, as, well, my knives are tools, so they actually adhere to the local laws, and I'm not really interested in owning a rifle right now. maybe in the future, but whatever, I'll just buy from what's available. I'm sure what IS sold is, or can be, plenty accurate, so the rest? Meh, maybe later in life. Same with ammo - buy local.

    And who knows - maybe some sanity will be elected into power at some point in Cali, changing some things for the better? (Well, I can dream...)

    Oh, and it always pays to reserve judgement on money. You never know what other people can and cannot afford. To cover the base - I own 10 round mags for all the pistols already - average cost across all the new mags I needed to buy? $32/magazine. ...and many that I own are already mag capacity compliant, so no issues there.

    Bottom line, I'm ready for gun life in Cali. But thanks for the judgements. ;) Always a great way to get me to recover my bases, so while some may read this is a smarta$$ comment (not my intention), your post was helpful in a way. :)

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    Enjoy cali man... I like the state itself just not all those people crammed in it lol
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    Spent 6 months there for training(USMC) wasn't really crazy about it. Then they sent me 13 miles from where I grew up Jacksonville Florida. Still in Florida. Enjoy Callie.
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