Is it me or more people buying more XD's than Glock's, Why?

Is it me or more people buying more XD's than Glock's, Why?

This is a discussion on Is it me or more people buying more XD's than Glock's, Why? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have owned a g30 for about 4 yrs ,my wifes ccw now, and i love this thing, but i sold my Springer 1911 GI( ...

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Thread: Is it me or more people buying more XD's than Glock's, Why?

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    Smile Is it me or more people buying more XD's than Glock's, Why?

    I have owned a g30 for about 4 yrs ,my wifes ccw now, and i love this thing, but i sold my Springer 1911 GI( i know ,stupid) and about to purchase another glock but im seeing a rise in popularity in the XD's just woundering why? What would sway me from a g23 as my next purchase,ccw, what does the XD offer ,whats all the fuss about just curious ? thanks, god bless

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    XD's offer different grip angle and safety feature than Glock. Perhaps those who wanted a Glock , but find the XD better suited to em are buying. also , the XD is is a up and coming (shiny, new toy) gun compared to Glock.
    Either gun works and works well.
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    Although the XD is still fairly new to the gun market, its definitely made itself known. It has recieved great reviews by gun magazines and those who shoot them. The XD's design IMO is definitely superior to Glock, because the grip angle is able to easily fit so many different hand sizes. I personally like the additional safety features like the grip safety (I love 1911s), loaded chamber indicator, and the striker indicator. I have handled a couple Glocks, and I love the feel of the G19 and G26, but all the other Glocks for some reason don't fit me that well, like the G30. I think the XD45's grip is slimmer than the G30, and G21, and therefore its able to fit my hands better, because I have small hands. Also Springfield Armory has done a great job at advertising the XD.

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    The feel of a XD to me is just better than a Glock. I decided to replace my Glocks with XDs when I read that Chuck Taylor and Clint Smith had done the same. Those two names say more to me about the quality of XDs than anything else (as they both were very big Glock fans). For me it looks like my SIL (son-in-law) gets a well used G19 at a very good price, for his 21st Bday.
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    The XD is without a doubt the best "feeling" gun in the hand. BUT...I personally don't think that the XD is as tuff as the Glock and I KNOW that any work that the XD may need will require a trip in the brown UPS truck. If something breaks on my Glocks, all I have to do is go a few miles down the road to my Smithy, buy the part(s), and fix it myself - usually IN THE CAR on the drive home!

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    I bought three XDs and now I carry Glocks - got a Glock 9mm in every size. I like XDs, but I like Glocks better, but that's a personal preference and not a claim that Glock is better.

    I'm not a Glockaholic by any means, but Glocks fit my hand well, I like the trigger, I like the way they sit low in the hand, and I like their simplicity.

    I actually shoot Glocks better than XDs, but again I think that may be a personal thing. Others seem to shoot XDs better.
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    I own both and used to carry the Glock as a LEO but now prefer the XD. Sooner or later the new wiz bang toy is going to get bumped by a new improved model......say hello to the XD.
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    I think it's cut into the Glock sales around here but my favorite shop still sells a bunch more Glocks from what I've been told. From what I'm hearing, the M&P is grabbing a bunch of XD sales lately. My personal choice is Glock, M&P and XD in that order but I'd be comfy with any of them if I had to.

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    If anything, I would say it's the grip. I know plenty of people who like the idea of a Glock, but hate the feel. I'm one of those people.
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    As already said.... My XD-40 subcompact points a lot differently than the G27 did. A lot more natural for me.

    The backstrap safety was another plus. I always worry about my shirt or whatever snagging inside the trigger guard when I holster IWB and depressing the trigger safety. I don't need to shoot through to my downstairs neighbors place. I get the XD pointed into the holster and push it down by the back of the slide. I know i'm just paranoid but hey, it makes me feel better.

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    I would go with 1) new toy and 2) alot of people are kinda phobic about not having a manual safety which the XD has. I personally prefer the glocks because they don't have all the extra safeties. I like my carry pieces to be slick-slides, if the trigger is pulled it goes bang. When I don't want it to go bang it's in a holster that covers the trigger. I find that to be more than adequate safety, and the idea of having devices on a carry pistol that prevent it from going bang when the trigger is pulled seems kinda stupid to me. Just my opinion.

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    #1. I like the grip safety!
    #2. grip angle.

    but I am thinking about getting a G36 real soon also!

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    My wife and I own one of each. I carry a G23 and she carries an XD .40sc. She loves the XD and I too like the grip better than the grip on my Glock. But, there are a couple of things that I think the Glock really outshines the XD in.

    1. The Glock sits lower in the hand and as a result the recoil is easier to handle.

    2. The XD has had a problem with the slides rusting. This may or may not have been fixed in the models that are being built now but the early ones did rust easily.

    3. The Glock is easy to find parts for and you can buy just about any type of after market part or gizmo you might want to a Glock. Not so with the XD.

    4. Anyone who makes holsters makes one for the Glock line. Also, not true of the XD line. More and more holster makers are making XD holsters but still not as many as for the Glock.

    5. Even though I like the feel of the grip on the XD better, the Glock grip angle helps lock my wrist when I raise it to fire.

    6. In my experience, the Glock is a bit more accurate than the XD.

    These are just my opinions and your mileage may vary.
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    I had a G23 for 14 years and it was a good pistol. When the XD's became popular, I picked one up and instantly traded my Glock for an XD 40. The XD grip angle is more natural to me and is also thinner. The XD is slightly longer in the grip and holds 1 less round-go figure. Trading the Glock was one of the best things that I have done. I now own 3 XD's and my carry pistol is an XD 45 compact. My father also recently traded his Glock for an XD and loves it. I have nearly 5,000 rounds through my XD's and NO failures of any kind. I have tried to get them to fail by mixing ammo and they will feed anything that I put through them. My XD's are also much more accurate than any Glock that I have fired. I believe that this is mainly due to the grip angle. This is not a knock on Glocks. They are good pistols if they fit you.
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    In my opinion, I'd say it's because it's the newest 'hot' item.

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