Follow up question re recoil and "porting."

Follow up question re recoil and "porting."

This is a discussion on Follow up question re recoil and "porting." within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Dear Folks: How much does "porting" reduce recoil? And, are their any "side effects" to porting other than too bright a flash for night shooting? ...

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Thread: Follow up question re recoil and "porting."

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    Follow up question re recoil and "porting."

    Dear Folks:

    How much does "porting" reduce recoil? And, are their any "side effects" to porting other than too bright a flash for night shooting? Can any pistol be "ported?" Am I correct to assume that the more the recoil can be reduced the easier it is to hit a target, all else being equal?

    Thanks to all who respond.

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    I have 3 ported pistols (XD 40 with factory porting, Colt Commander with Magnaport, and Taurus 44 Mag. with factory porting) and my father also has several ported pistols. The porting definatly reduces recoil and makes them more managable. I also believe that accuracy is increased, especially on follow up shots that are not as hurried as non-ported pistols. As to the more flash issue.There is definately more flash and your night vision will be compromised, but I have fired non-ported pistols in night fire excercises and they also have enough flash to destroy your night vision. If the difference in recoil and follow up shots is important to you, I would not let the flash issue drive you away from a ported pistol. My current carry pistol is non-ported, but I have carried ported pistols in the past and would not have a problem doing it again. My father was a police firearms instructor for many years and he has carried ported pistols before and shares my opinion of the flash issue. He has always stated that the difference in speed and accuracy of follow up shots was worth the extra flash. The lighter recoil also allows people with less strength or with disabilities to carry a more powerful pistol than they would normally be able to handle, which I believe is a good thing. I am sure that many people will disagree, but we all have our own opinions and experiences.
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    Recoil, muzzle jump and porting

    I think you have to define your terms carefully in this discussion of recoil, porting and muzzle jump (or rise). I would tend to define recoil as the force of the gun pushing straight back along the axis of the barrel, and muzzle jump as the upward force at a right angle to the barrel. I believe that muzzle jump is primarily caused by the torque of the recoil force around the grip of the gun, where the hand is holding the gun. Muzzle jump results from the fact that the grip is lower than the barrel axis, and the recoil force causes a rotation we call muzzle jump.

    Porting allows some of the expanding propellant gases to exit the gun in an upward direction perpendicular to the barrel axis, producing a downward force on the barrel due to the thrust of the gases, much as the exhaust from a rocket motor produces thrust in the opposite direction. So porting tends to cancel out muzzle rise.

    But I don't think porting does much for recoil, the force straight back along the axis of the barrel. That is because the force of the porting is perpendicular to the barrel, and therefore does not have a component or vector in the axial direction.

    There might be a second order recoil reduction because porting lowers muzzle velocity and hence recoil. This might be on the order of 10% or so. But you can use weaker ammunition and get the same effect.

    So I conclude that porting reduces muzzle rise but not recoil.

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    Porting reduces muzzle jump not recoil and a higher pressure round makes the porting work better

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    First, porting does, in fact, achieve that which it claims to do. I reduces recoil somewhat (though not much) and muzzle flip a lot. Because muzzle flip is lessened time to get back on target is reduced but that may, or may not, increase accuracy. That is an individual shooter kind of situation.

    The porting also results in an extremely loud report and directional flash as the original poster suggested. Personally, I find the sound objectionable. So objectionable, that I no longer have any ported guns. In my experience any kind of gun can be ported.

    Finally, and this is a purely personal thing, I just grew to hate cleaning out the ports.
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    Does anyone have a Glock 20C that they could give me some feedback on? I really want a 10mm and I like the idea of the compensated version after shooting my BIL's compensated 40 cal.
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