Excited but confused

Excited but confused

This is a discussion on Excited but confused within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok guys and gals it is time for a new purchase. I recently got my carry license in the state of TN and am looking ...

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Thread: Excited but confused

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    Excited but confused

    Ok guys and gals it is time for a new purchase. I recently got my carry license in the state of TN and am looking for a solid carry piece. I own a CZ 75 compact in 9mm (crazy accurate), Para 1911 in 45, and a Kahr CW9 which my wife is going to carry. I need help in choosing a 9mm carry gun because I don't much like the 40. I am interested in a Kahr K9, Springfield XD subcompact, Glock, Sig, or a used compact 1911. I will be carrying IWB and would like some recommendations on gun and holster. Ease of carry would be of the highest priority. Thanks ahead of time.

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    Glock 19. Has everything you are looking for(9mm, hi capacity, easy to conceal) and a ton of accessories for it out there.


    Congrats btw :)

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    If ease of carry is your highest priority, a polymer framed Kahr in a good IWB holster is the way to go.

    For holsters, look into Comp-Tac for Kydex and Tucker Gunleather for cowhide.

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    The Kahr K9 with Big-Dot sights is going to be my next purchase...

    Solid and easy to carry handgun...
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    If "ease of carry" is indeed your top priority, I'd recommend either the XD Subcompact (SC) or the Glock 26. Both have a short grip which enables easier concealment.

    For me, the Glock 26 is perfect. I'm attentive to comfort, especially weight and it works for me. And, capacity of 10+1 of 9mm is adequate. I suggest 9mm because it handles well in the subcompacts I suggest, is cheap for practice, and there is plenty of good defense ammo on the market.

    I carry my 26 most of the time in a Milt Sparks Watch Six holster, it's thin and comfy. Many swear by its brother, the Milt Sparks Versa Max 2, a similar design with the added feature of a reinforced mouth, which makes for easy re-holstering. If you want a Sparks holster, order now, since the wait is about 5 months.

    Good luck.
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    Sig P239

    Since you mentioned Sigs as one of your brands of interest, I'd recommend that you look at the P239 model, which is the thinnest of the Sigs available in 9mm and the easiest to carry IWB. The P239 9mm has a single stack magazine with 8 round capacity, and is a reliable and accurate gun.

    As for IWB holsters, you might look at the Bulman AIWB, which has one offset belt loop behind the gun, thereby avoiding the large bump that results from belt loops right on top of the gun and holster.

    Bulman IWB holsters

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    Try them out. How well it handles has to be just as important as carry comfort. Springfield Engineered "Point And Shoot Ergonomics" work great for me. Trying to just point and shoot the glock just didn't work out at all. That means that I would have do more concious correcting with the glock.
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    Try a few rentals (or borrow a friend's) and pick what fits you better...

    Personally--either P239 DAO or DAO/SAO or any of the Kahr pistols.

    My two cents...

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    I'd stick with getting the Kahr since you have a CW9.
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    Ok- I see you're in Knoxville so you're in luck. Coal Creek Armory rents guns to use on their indoor range. They have all of the guns you mentioned, although the XD is standard size not sub compact.

    Everybody's got their own opinions- for me, the answer was a Glock 19 In a Brommeland MaxCon V holster, I used to have the 26 which is smaller but like the grip & capacity of the 19.

    I'll send you a PM about the range.
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