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Need advice on Subcompact for Harley biker

This is a discussion on Need advice on Subcompact for Harley biker within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; NY27 I always wear an untucked shirt while on my bike...however I also almost always wear a vest over it. You are correct a loose ...

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Thread: Need advice on Subcompact for Harley biker

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    NY27 I always wear an untucked shirt while on my bike...however I also almost always wear a vest over it. You are correct a loose shirt will ride up, but when (unlikely) I'm not wearing a vest I have learned to tuck my t-shirt under my bottom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DYI Hunting View Post
    My primary mode of transport is a Harley motorcycle. I have tried to carry my Sig Pro 2022 but it prints way too much. I need a better concealable pistol. I live in Georgia and have a permit to carry. I am an Army Vet and avid shooter and very comfortable with any style pistol. I am an average sized guy 5'9", 180 pounds.

    I am looking for a subcompact or possibly a compact. I am not familiar with any of the smaller pistols and need some advice. I don't want to spend a bunch, maybe up to about $400 and I will probably be looking at used guns. My primary need is for something that is very easily concealed and doesn't print. I am no fan of .22, .32 or other small calibur guns.

    Any suggestions?
    I have a Kimber Ultra and a Glock-36...either is very easy to conceal on my Harley Electra Glide...(shoulder holster, IWB/SOB, or and strong side IWB.

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    I suggest starting to visit gun shops and handling some sub-compacts like Glock 26, 27, 33; XD Sub-Compact, J-frame S&W, etc.

    When you get it narrowed down to two, see if you can shoot them as a rental or that a friend may have.

    I love the Glock 26 and S&W 642...those would be my final two.
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    "I suggest starting to visit gun shops and handling some sub-compacts like Glock 26, 27, 33, XD Sub-Compact," Springfield EMP or some thing in that order. Find a gun shope that you like and ask them to help with the problem. I found that i needed to have a IWB and a longer T shirt and i let it hang over and then tuck it under the belt all the waty around and then i always wear a vest. I ride with 7 othere's and we all carry and NO One has ever been made.

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    Thanks guys for all the great info.

    I love my Sig Pro 2022, although I don't like having the rail too much, just a waste of space for me. I also liked my S&W 99 in .40 ACP. I need to get my hands on some of these guns and see what feels good.

    Seems like a lot of my problem is with holsters than my pistol. I have to admit, the Uncle Mikes have never been comfortable and did seem a bit bulky. I am planning a trip to the local gun shop that deals with police a lot, I can't think of a store that should be better up on the problems with carrying. The other store, who I have been shopping at has a bunch of college guys who don't often seem to be that knowledgable. Hopefully I can still come up with a excuse to buy a new gun.

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    Be careful dealing with a store that specializes in dealing with LEO's.

    Nothing against LEO's, I'm one myself again after a nine year hiatus, we have something you don't have if we accidentaly "print". We have CREDS that you do not have. In Open Carry States this won't be a problem for you, but in certain juristictions "Printing" can get your CCW revoked.

    "Printing" isn't usually as big of a concern among Police Officers, unless they are one of the few truely armed professionals. Buy a "decent" holster in a style you are interested in from the shop and use it until you get a custom holster from a custom maker. There are a few on this forum.


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    I ride a motorcycle every day back and forth to and from work. Because I can't carry inside where I work. I use a fanny pack and lock it in a trunk on the bike. However, when I ride anywhere else, I have no problem carrying a HK USP compact in a K&D IWB holster. I also use a good gun belt. I wear a vest or loose T shirt and have never been made. This combination conceals very well. If you have a good holster, you can conceal any reasonable sized gun. It doesn't have to be super small.

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    I have actually started today thinking a subcompact isn't the way to go for me. I am looking at the compact models, and the XD45C is really looking good.

    I ride a Sportster 1200 Custom, I don't have a place to store tools, not less a gun. And a fanny pack is off limits for me, something about leather jacket, chaps and a fanny pack just doesn't seem kosher.

    Printing in Georgia is fine, but printing kills the whole point of concealed carry for me. The gun shop that deals with LEO's deal with lots of plainclothes. Hopefully they deal with holsters a lot too. I am thinking Thunderwear might work.

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    kel tec p3at works well in the pocket of my motorcyle jacket. come to think about it, my s&w model 60 does also. and i carry one reload too.
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    NAA 380 fits nicely in the watch pocket of HD jeans. Remember, the watch pocket on HD jeans is on the left side. Don't have to take your hand off of the throttle.

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    I'd consider a Kahr P40 (polymer frame) or Kahr K40 (all steel). They're super thin, excellent for concealed carry, seem to fit big hands as well as small. Then I'd get a good IWB holster and belt from someone like K&D holsters or (if you can take the wait) the Max Con V from Brommeland Holsters. This package would be as think, compact and concealable as you'll get in an excellent weapon/caliber. If you want to avoid some recoil, you can go with the 9mm.

    God Bless

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    Under $400 Compact try the Taurus Mil Pro PT145 (10+1)or Mil Pro PT745(7+1) Shade over 6 inch ttl legnth tad over 5 inch height shorter for PT745. Affordable, reliable, Make sure they are Mil Pro's not PT series. Kel-Tec 3AT or P-32 for pocket carry. Kel-Tec P11 or P9 also affordable in 9mm

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    I ride a Harley (Road Glide), and carry a XD40C or a Kahr MK9 in a IWB under my T-shirt.

    I never have any problem with my T-shirts riding up with them untucked.


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    I ride a Harley also, but have recently revised my method of carry while riding. I had a minor accident a few weeks ago, (details not relevent to this disscussion) and ended up high- siding and landing on my left side, then rolling a couple times. No broken bones, but some pretty good bruises on my shoulder and ribs. Had I been carrying in a shoulder rig, I likely would have broken some ribs by landing on the gun, and any method of hip carry might have caused injuries in that area as I rolled.
    Since, realistically, one is far more likely to be in an accident on a bike, rather than a gunfight, (and shooting accurately from a moving bike only works in the movies) around town I now carry my Kahr PM9 in a fairing pocket while riding, then transfer it to a jeans or jacket pocket when I stop. On longer trips I use a magnetic tank bag to hold my 1911 or Glock. That said, if you must carry on your person, I agree with Sixto, J-frame or Keltec, or Kahr, in a good holster. Of course, you can easily carry any full size gun in a tank bag.


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    i ride a Victory Vegas and sometimes carry a full sized 1911 in a Milt Sparks VM2, although i usually carry my 3" S&W m60 because it is more comfortable (also in a VM2). my wife rides a Victory Kingpin and has never commented that my gun is showing when we ride together.

    when the weather is on the cool side i am wearing my leather jacket which hides everything underneath very well. but in warmer weather i wear a light button up short sleeve shirt over a t-shirt. i just make sure i am sitting on the tail of the shirt and have no problem with the wind exposing my gun. if you like your Sig i suggest trying some quality holsters. on the other hand, any excuse for a new gun is a good excuse.


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