Perfect Range Day -- Range Reports

Perfect Range Day -- Range Reports

This is a discussion on Perfect Range Day -- Range Reports within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This was a great range day. Been forecasting rain for all afternoon, but only got a few sprinkles around 4:30. Had 3 new and one ...

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Thread: Perfect Range Day -- Range Reports

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    Perfect Range Day -- Range Reports

    This was a great range day. Been forecasting rain for all afternoon, but only got a few sprinkles around 4:30. Had 3 new and one modified gun to try out for functioning and accuracy and it was a perfect range trip.

    All shooting for group size was done with hands on a solid rest.

    Gun – Taurus Model 85 2” 38 sp.
    I had shot this gun before, but it was a little stiff so I had clipped about 3 coils off the mainspring and needed to test fire to make sure it would still go bang. Worked like a charm and now has a much smoother / crisper action.

    Gun – Kel-Tec P3AT
    First trip for this one. Shot with Magtech FMJ, CCI Blazer FMJ and the carry ammo, Remington 102 Gr. Golden Saber. Not one single FTE or FTF. Gun was perfect. Accuracy was actually very good for this type of gun, shooting just a shade left but holding a six round magazine of ammo into approximately a 3.5” group at 10yds. As others have said, this is not a terribly fun gun to shoot so I probably won’t be doing much plinking with it, but it was 100% reliable.

    Gun – Sig Sauer P245
    First trip for this one also, and it performed just as you would expect a Sig firearm to perform. No FTE or FTF with Magtech FMJ, PMC FMJ and carry ammo, Remington 230 gr. Golden Saber. This is one nice gun. Target image shows my 6 round group at 10 yds. My old shooting buddy showed up to visit and he tried a couple of mags through it. As much as I hate to let him know it, even at 72 yrs. old, he’s still a much better shot than I am. His first 6 shot group from 10 yds. was one large ragged hole. This gun is a keeper and I'm thinking it's going to bump my Kimber 1911 from my "Favorite 45" spot. Again, 100% reliable.

    Gun – Kahr PM9
    Another first trip. Having read of a few folks on this board having trouble with their Kahrs, this is the one I was most anxious about as I really like the weight, size and feel of this gun and was hoping it would be reliable enough to make my EDC. Maybe I’m just living right, but absolutely NO problems at all. Ate what I fed it and chucked out the empties. Fired 75 rounds through it today, mostly Magtech FMJ but also some carry ammo, Remington 124 gr. Golden Saber. Chambered every time whether dropping with the slide release or sling-shotting. Trigger is actually pretty good and accuracy was excellent. I had a twelve shot, slow fire group that was about 1.5” at 10 yds. The second target image below is 50 rounds at 10 yards, some slow fire – some rapid fire and you can see that I'm pushing the gun a little on the quick, follow up shots. Going to have to work on that. I am VERY pleased with this gun and, again, 100% reliable.

    All in all, an amazing, perfect day. 300 rounds fired from 4 guns and not a single malfunction. What more could a guy ask for.


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    Now I can see why it was a good day
    I had clipped about 3 coils off the mainspring
    I am surprised you could remove that much - mine is still std but so old I guess it has smoothed out well. Glad it still performed well tho.
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    I too had a range day today.

    All I shot was my 22-4. That's the S&W Model 22 1950 45 Cal. You may know it as the Thunder Ranch Revolver. It's a blued steel fixed sight gun that I've had "worked over" a bit. The Hammer has been "Bobbed" and an "Action Job" done, as well as rendering it DAO, all by the Performance Center. I've changed the Cylinder Latch to a new style one and replaced the wood stocks with a set of rubber Hogues. I've also had a local gunsmith drill a "divot" in the rear of the Front Sight, to which I've added "luminous paint" to make finding the Front Sight easier.

    I did the standard LEO Qual Course, not for real, but for practice. Everything was in the 8-Ring and in, so that means Distinquished Expert. Now I just have to go do it again for real. I was really pleased with my 25 and 15 Yard shooting. I had 3 Flyers at the 7 and 3 Yard range, trying to go too fast. It was still inside the 8 Ring, but not as tight as I expect from myself.

    I'm glad you like your PM9. I love mine and have a P45 on "Lay-Away".


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    Nothing Like A Day At The Range...

    glad you enjoyed your day...nice report!

    I love my P-3AT too, but it is NOT fun to shoot.

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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